Sunday, 28 June 2015

At 9 minutes 40 seconds, he asks her if it's right that "this has nothing to do with Islam".

ANDREW MARR: One of the things that politicians always say at these moments is this has nothing to do with Islam. Is that right?
THERESA MAY: It is right that it has nothing to do with Islam. Islam is a peaceful religion. What it is is about a perversion of Islam – this Islamist ideology that Daesh, ISIL and others put out, propagate. And that’s why it’s so important for us I think to work with people here, with Muslim communities here, but with the wider community here in the UK – to work together to stop this radicalisation, to prevent this extremist message from being perpetrated and to prevent it from seeping through communities. And that’s why the government will be introducing a counter-extremism strategy looking at exactly these issues. 
ANDREW MARR: During the coalition years, there was clearly quite a fight going on inside the government between Nick Clegg, on the one hand, and those of you on the other who wanted to take a tougher line about radicalisation and the anti-Western bile being spewed out in this country and to people in this country and nothing happened. But we’ve got a new government, we’ve got a Conservative government. We’ve now had this ghastly episode. Is there going to be a change of tone now? 
THERESA MAY: Well one of the things that we were committed to doing – I spoke about this before the election and we will be doing this – is bringing forward this wider strategy, this counter-extremism strategy, which is saying that we do need to deal with extremist messages (where they’re being given) of all sorts actually – not just the Islamist extremism, but Neo-Nazism as well and other forms of extremism. And that’s about getting a better understanding of it – and we’ve set up an Extremism Analysis Unit in the Home Office. It’s about also promoting the positive values that we are all share, that are about what makes this country a great place to live in, the pluralistic society that we have. It’s about working with civil society, working with communities, and of course making sure that the government has the powers necessary to deal with this too.


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