Saturday, 20 June 2015

On 19 May Jörg Steuer, first town councillor of the Großrosseln municipality opened an exhibition in the town hall with around 20 paintings from the Lauterbach artist Reinhold Herbert Schwarz (62). It carries the motto "Nous sommes tous Charlie – Je suis Charlie!" and thus recalls the terror attack on the Paris cartoonists. The exhibition runs until 17 July. But now one of the paintings has been replaced. 
Observers noted the absence of painting called "Islam – quo vadis?". It depicted a blood-smeared sword, a stoning and a mutilated woman with a facial veil. Alongside it were explanatory texts. The artist was making reference to the genital mutilation of women, child soldiers and sex slaves of the terror militia "Islamic State" - but also to abused children in Germany. 
On 11 June the artist received the following email from burgomeister Jörg Dreistadts (SPD), responsible for cultural affairs in the town coucil: "The burgomeister has decided to take down the painting. As it is very marginal and apparently someone has criticised it, he would prefer that a 'harmless' painting go there instead." The painting in question is now in his office. 
The artist is still waiting for a valid explanation. But he has now replaced the painting with one "that has no religious connotations".



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