Tuesday, 9 June 2015


  1. The Archbishop of Canterbury is a shining example of a deranged Christian. Just a couple of months after Lee Rigby was murdered, Welby paid a visit to Southall in London. The report of his visit says:

    ‘Archbishop Justin told his audience that diversity was a “gift not a threat” and he did not want to live in a “monocultural” society.’

    Western Christianity has not only given up the fight, it is using its authority to succour the enemy by condemning opposition to Third World immigration and Islamization as racist and, therefore, sinful.

    1. Yes, sadly so. The mainstream Western churches are sinking ships. Endorsing everything from mass immigration to utopian human rights and the insane cult of homosexuality.

      Christians (And Im one) must not waste their time and energy turning these corrupted entities around, they are lost and utterly beyond the pale. Let them sink!