Tuesday, 2 June 2015

They're shouting "Multi-Kulti-Endstation – Heimat, Freiheit, Tradition" "Multi-culti, last stop - Home, Freedom, Tradition"

"Europe, Youth, Reconquista"

The identitarian movement is planning to hold a demonstration against the repopulation of Europe by non-Europeans ("the Great Replacement") in Vienna on 6th June. 

This phrase "the Great Replacement" was coined by the French writer Renaud Camus who was dropped by his publisher for his defence of the European right to exist. He was also convicted by a French court for calling Muslim street criminals "not thugs, but soldiers". 

It is good to have compelling phrases like this that crystallise complex ideas. I myself tend to use the phrase "European Genocide" to describe the phenonenon. But "Great Replacement" seems to have traction and has been picked up by the Generation Identity movement . I haven't seen it used in English by any of the limited resistance movements that exist here. That's probably because so many of them are in thrall to America, which in turn is in thrall to the Jews. And the Jews, in the form of the CounterJewhad movement, do not concede the European right to exist. They allow dissent to be expressed only in certain limited ways. So, for example, you're allowed to protest against islamification but you're not allowed to recognise that islamification is simply the most troubling aspect of the immigration problem generally. You're allowed, indeed virtually required, to support some ludicrous conspiracy theory according to which the islamification of Europe has been brought about by the EU to further some fiendish covert anti-Semitic plot agreed between Muslims and Europeans (a la Bat Ye'or), despite the slender to non-existent foundation of fact on which this conspiracy theory is based; but you're not allowed to take note of the literally colossal body of evidence pointing to Jewish-Muslim collaboration against Christians and Europeans, both historically and in the present day; or to the enormously significant role Jews have played in putting in place the legal and cultural infrastructure of diversity and "hate speech" that has facilitated the modern Muslim conquest of our continent. 

So, given that the Paul Westons of this world crave their little pats on the head from Gates of Vienna, and the Fjordmans want to go on getting their paychecks from Daniel Pipes and Frontpage, I suppose the EDL pitifully waving their Israeli flags in a desperate bid for approval while claiming to be pro-immigration is as much as we can expect for the foreseeable future. In many ways, it's a shame that we share the same language as America since it acts as such an easy vector for these American and Jewish influence movements. If any authentic and unabashed British resistance movement emerges in future, perhaps they will take up the "Great Replacement" refrain and inject it into the British consciousness.



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