Friday, 5 June 2015

[Note: You can select English subtitles in the Youtube video options]

This guy gets it. He is one of the Front National's key advisers on foreign affairs.

According to his own website, French police have asked him to come in for questioning over this speech, but he has refused, citing his legal immunity as a member of the European parliament. This prevents him from being prosecuted for anything he has said or any vote he has made in the European parliament. Note that he is simply giving this speech within the precincts of the parliament, not in a formal way within the actual chamber. Most likely he deliberately chose the location so he could invoke the immunity privilege is necessary later. In fact, though, this is not likely to do him much good as the immunity from prosecution can be withdrawn by a vote in the European Parliament itself and this has happened many times in the case of "far right" politicians who challenge Islam or the multicult consensus. Still, it goes to show yet again that you simply cannot tell the truth these days without facing a risk of prosecution.


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