Monday, 8 June 2015

Accused of having wanted to perpetrate several attacks, the members of the small Islamist group had collected the personal details of several well-know personalities. On the first day of their hearing, the leader of the network denied any terrorist project. 
In addition to three Jewish grocer's shops, a café in rue des Rosiers in Paris and five shops in the chain Hyper Cacher [kosher], the "Knights of Pride", as the members of Forsane Alizza called themselves, had two Lyonese judges in their target sights, one of whom had been chosen because of the Jewish sound of his name and a child protection order, based on mistreatment, applying to the children of one of the presumed Islamists. The members of the radical group, fifteen of whom are appearing in Paris starting from Monday, did not exclude attacking "enemies of Islam" such as Fabrice Robert, leader of the party Bloc Identitaire. 
Thanks to a "Dawoud", an acquaintance working for Orange, Mohamed Achamlane, the self-proclaimed "emir" of Forsane Alizza, also received a "small gift", specifically a list of names, addresses, landline and mobile telephone numbers of political personalities such as Nicolas Sarkozy, Roselyne Bachelot, Édouard Balladur, Jean-Louis Boorlo, Dominique de Villepin, Jean-Pierre Raffarin, Jean-Louis Debré and even Philippe Douste-Blazy. Forsane Alizza also obtained details of media figures such as Éric Zemmour [Jewish anti-immigration commentator] or Silhem Hachbi of the movement "Ni pute, ni soumise" ["Neither bitch, nor submissive", a sort of brown women feminist movement]. Insatiable, Mohamed Achamlane had even demanded details of "cops, judges, MPs, etc., so we have a big database to have a means of exerting major pressure." 
In a file called "UMP data.odt" [UMP was the major right-wing party in France, Sarkozy's party], the anti-terrorist judges also discovered that the Islamists had "personal data of members of the UMP, including MPs, former ministers and media personalities," including "addresses, telephone numbers, electronic messages, vehicles, number of children, professions".

Below are quotes from some articles Fabrice Robert wrote previously about his discovery that he and he and other anti-Islam website operators and activists were terrorist targets. Some background, first, to make this more a little more comprehensible. The author is Fabrice Robert, leader of a long-standing French nationalist group/movement called Bloc Identitaire. Despite the similarity in name, it is not directly connected to the Generation Identity movement. Its general philosophy, as far as I understand it, is an affirmation of a certain kind of French patriotism that allows for the existence of distinct regional, sub-patriotisms. It is generally anti-immigration and anti-Islam. The website mentioned is, the leading anti-immigration website in France and, I would say, probably the best "far right" or "European survivalist" website in the world. Many of the stories I post here are sourced from there.

The islamists of Forsane Alizza ("The Knights of Pride" in Arabic) were much talked about from 2010 on. This radical group dedicated to fundamentalist Islam was known above all for its intensive agit-prop based on shock videos and roughouse actions. Particularly well-remembered is their leader, Mohammed Achamlane, burning a copy of the Civil code in the heart of Limoges, to denounce the arrest of a woman wearing the niqab in Aulnay-sous-Bois. Or the support given to Lies Hebbadj, the Nantes Muslim suspected of polygamy and family benefits fraud. In 2012, when the group was dissolved, Mohammed Achamlane was threatening, declaring that he did not exclude armed struggle "if Islamophobia [was intensifying] from day to day." 
Finally, the main officials within the group were arrested then detained a few days after Mohamed Merah had been cut down by the RAID [French special police]. The legal system charged them with nciting terrorist actions on French soil. Among the targets, the newspaper Libération [left-wing], whose sole fault was to have given accommodation, for a time, to the Charlie Hebdo editorial team… We are in 2012, that is 3 years before the murderous attack perpetrated by the brothers Kouachi. But that's not all. A call from the DCRI let me know that I - among others - was among the potential targets of the Islamist group in my capacity as leader of the Bloc Identitaire [Identitarian Block]. This information was confirmed to me in the offices of an anti-terrorist judge.

Summoned by an anti-terrorist judge last week, I have thus been able to receive confirmation of the threats I faced. According to two witnesses, Mohammed Achamlane is said to have asked one of the militants to contact me to try and assassinate me. Some of them had a quite determined air and said they were willing to do whatever the self-proclaimed emir asked them to. I also learned that they were looking to obtain some personal addresses, particularly those of the operator of the website Fdesouche. A threat to be taken seriously when you bear in mind that some members of Forsane Alizza were working for telephone operators.


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