Friday, 19 June 2015

 In the end, the young 22-year-old Guinean stayed only one night in the Centre for Housing and Assistance to Homeless People in Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine). Contacted by telephone on Tuesday 16 June, he explains why. "Truly, it was disgusting, we couldn't stay there. We slept with tramps and homeless people," he says. "You can't mix us up with people like that." Other immigrants describe a centre "in a deplorable state, very dirty." Libération points out however that it was renovated in January 2015.
For Mamadou, the Paris city government hasn't kept its promise. "We thought they were going to send us to hotels or specialised centres for immigrants," he says. "There wasn't even any food there," continues the young man, who also points out that all of the occupants of centres of this type have to leave the premises during the day. 
On Friday morning, Mamadou and his comrades thus preferred to return to Paris, to go back to the new camp in Eole Gardens (19th arrondissement), where some migrants forgotten by the town council set up the previous night. "Even if we are outside, I prefer to stay there than in the centre," explains the young asylum seeker, who says he left Guinea-Conakry for political reasons.


  1. Do they have a right to complain? Well, of course they do! Why shouldn't they? They are after all, poor, dear, refugees from Africa, who have been mistreated by the colonialists in Africa for centuries. They are therefore entitled to invade the european lands, live off the sweat from their backs, and still complain about how badly whitey is treating them with free food, free homes, free clothes, free health, free school and free everything else.... These same 'refugees' would have been given a huge friendly welcome by the Italian navy when they first arrived - a fully funded Navy escort taxi service for their rickety boats leaving Africa - all paid for by the Italian tax payer. I mean, why wouldn't these African refugees complain?