Saturday, 13 June 2015

Minister Mikl-Leitner is increasing the pressure on the EU: Asylum applications will no longer be processed. The focus will not be on returns and deportations. 
Vienna. Whether domestically or at the EU level, the situation appears the same: a solution to the refugee question is currently not in view. Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner (ÖVP) is therefore resorting to drastic measures: she is immediately stopping both asylum procedures inside the country and family reunion immigration to Austria. And this will happen immediately.



  1. Leitner also said that Austria "has to be made less attractive" {to "asylum seekers", "migrants", "refugees"). Austrian newspapers have reported that there are now cases of Tuberculosis at one of the schools in an 'immigrant' district of Vienna (Brigittenau) and that hundreds of school children now have to be tested to see if they have TB. This is what happened years ago first in a district of London, Tower Hamlets, once they let the Third World in --- Tower Hamlets now has the largest percentage of TB in Britain which had previously eradicated the disease. So, looks like Leitner will get her wish to make Austria 'less attrractive' in every way and possibly help to reduce the native Austrian population, too.

  2. A little understood fact about the 'migration' racket: when politicians speak of a number of these invaders allowed in, they are talking of the 'head of the family' number; they know perfectly well that eventually they will be able to bring in hundreds of thousands more through 'family reunions' and thus, 30,000 'migrants' will work out to thousands of 'wives' (polygamous, so possibly four per 'husband'), multiple children of these polygamous marriages (including underage 'brides' passed off as members of the 'family'), grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles "that they reckon up by dozens".