Sunday, 14 June 2015

"Although the migrants invaders were, up till then, refusing any assistance from the French and Italian Red Cross, they are now accepting food and clothing from French (sic) Muslims. Distribution is underway. Some of them are even playing the part of guides, giving out train tickets... What was previously a humanitarian problem is becoming a religious matter."

The video and the quote both come from the French "far right" (aka European survivalist) website Unfortunately, the source of the quote is not given, so I can't verify it any further. Generation Identity has also turned up at the border crossing to protest against the invasion.


  1. The Red Crescent (an offshoot of the International Red Cross) exists to offer aid to Moslems. In Islamic law, it is forbidden for Moslems to give charity to non-Moslems (although this is done if it assists Islamic goals) and, since 'kuffars', 'kaffirs' (non-Moslems) are regarded as innately unclean, they would reject this aid and it is a way of, even as 'refugees' or 'migrants' in a non-Moslem land, asserting Sharia law.