Friday, 8 May 2015

On the whole this was as good a result as could reasonably have been expected. The only issue that really matters is immigration, or immvasion as I prefer to call it. Labour is till the party of the invader; and if it had been dependent on the SNP or Lib Dems, it would have been prodded even further to the left on this issue.

The election is really the tale of two nationalisms: anti-Scottish English nationalism inflamed by UKIP and the Conservatives; and Scottish nationalism by the SNP. This is all good. We need to inflame the nationalisms of all the historic European peoples. It's the only way we can survive. Scottish independence was probably inevitable even before, but it's even less evitable now. If the Conservatives really did want to maintain the United Kingdom intact, the nature of their campaign was criminally reckless gamble. Those kinds of passions can't be uncorked and bottled up again on demand. Many Conservatives want Scotland to get less money and the SNP want full fiscal autonomy, which amounts to the same thing. Real nationalists don't actually care about the economics. They just pretend to so they can win over those who aren't committed to the cause but might be persuaded to vote for it if they thought it was in their interests.

At the time of the referendum, I explained why I thought independence would be good for both Scotland and England, and my thinking on that hasn't changed. Chuka Ummuna, a half-negro Londoner with a Nigerian father, the "British Obama", is probably Labour's most capable performer. If he emerges as leader, it will intensify the disconnect between Scotland and England because, in his own person, he will embody both the alienisation of England and the Londonisation of Britain.

As for UKIP, although they won an impressive share of the vote, but only Douglas Carswell got a seat out of it. Farage was a fool to promise to resign if he failed to win in South Thanet. An insurgent party like UKIP has to have a "guerrilla fighter" mentality, not commit itself to pitched battles like a conventional army. Farage has left himself an open door for re-election as leader, promising to contemplate it during a summer out of politics. It remains to be seen whether UKIP can maintain its momentum without Farage, although Suzanne Evans and Stephen Woolfe seem like capable performers. Woolfe, currently UKIP's immigration spokesman, tends to couch his opposition to immigration exclusively in economic terms. The negro and Jewish ancestry he admitted to in a debate I heard perhaps influences his judgement on this. But the biggest danger is that Douglas Carswell could become leader. Carswell is one of the founders of the Conservative Friends of Turkey association, committed to offering Turkey EU membership and therefore giving 80 million Turks the right to colonise Europe. He is pro-Turkey and pro-immigration; his politics is essentially all about turning Britain into a mini-America, the so-called "nation of immigrants". If he becomes leader of UKIP, it is finished as an anti-immigration force and probably as a party since its support is driven by people concerned about immigration, not the EU.

Listening to the various post-result analyses that have been offered, Nick Clegg, in his resignation speech, seems to be the only one who has really picked up on what is happening. He rightly connects what is happening in Britain to the "politics of fear" and identity" that is flourishing around Europe. Clegg deserves credit for at least recognising what is happening, even if he is on the wrong side of the divide. What he fails to grasp is that the fear is justified. Europeans are right to fear being minoritised within their own countries just a few decades from now. They are right to fear a Muslim demographic that is doubling almost every decade. In this election, the number of brown MPs has leapt from 27 to 41. "This equates to 6.6 per cent of the House of Commons, compared to around 14 per cent in the population at large."

In my view, all of the big Socialist parties across Europe are destined for marginalisation. A generation from now, they will be reduced to the equivalent of the Lib Dems currently. They have embraced the alien at the expense of their own people. And they will not be forgiven for that. In the long run, ethno-nationalism always prevails. In France, we see the developments at an advanced stage. Working class people barely vote for the Socialist Party anymore. They realise it is now the party of the alien. They vote Front National instead. The same developments will occur all over Europe. So will the brown people salvage the Socialists? At first, they will get a boost in support from them. But once enough of their demographic armies have gathered, the brown people will start their own parties to advance their own ethnic interests. Some of these are already in place. The Socialist delusion that "People are all the same" will be the end of them. The question is: Will it be the end of us too?


  1. The only way to bring attention to.our plight is to make a'white party'. This way the hostile elites (Prof Kevin McDonalds term) wont be able to continue to ignore the real.issues. There is nothing preventing the formation.of a white party, even non-whites could join if they share the same outlook. Its to easy to cast parties like ukip as nazi because they fudge and hesitate when it comes to talking about the white genocide. By being upfront and in your face a white party will easily be able to.take and hold the moral high ground. At the moment no.political parties are dedicatd to protecting and furthering the interests of whites whereas all political.parties are dedicated to protecting and furthering the interests of non-whites - and are never criticisdd for doing so. Identity is everything, we must make a party around white identity. In civilisational terms everything we hold dear only exists because whites brought it into being. We are the essential element - we should celebrate that.

  2. Dear Cheradenine,

    It’s time since I last posted a comment on your blog.
    First of all, I want to congratulate you for your ‘new’ blog and approach (which is really the right continuation of your great previous work), now (imo) more clearly focused on issues concerning European destiny as a whole.
    Your focus on broad European identity and societies is of an incredible value, above all coming from a person from one of the classic old European Empires (namely England/UK), which like France, or the Spaniards too often think of themselves and their countries as something ‘exceptional’ and chauvinistically apart from the rest of the European soil and civilization where they stem and bloosom from (petit nationalism).
    You are sincerely doing a great job, and your time and sacrifice is worth recognizing. I know many people read you, as I am sure you are already aware.
    I completely agree with your analysis in this your last entry concerning the opportunity arising from the Scottish (and English) independence. I think we could call it the ‘Europe of the Peoples’ approach. I agree that the various peoples of Europe have to face themselves with the truth that it is their ethnic nation what is real, and not the old Empires, nowadays living their last days as supranational structures. In my opinion, this is true for England and Scotland, but also for Spain and Catalonia, and for Brittany and France, just to mention a few cases.
    If we can give Europeans an alternative to the EU, that bureaucratic and elitist Club of nation-states towards which more and more people feel alienated, and to make that alternative (namely, the ‘Europe of the Peoples’) harmonic and prosperous by means of a healthy pan-European nationalism, we will have done a great deal of our journey to save Europe. It has to be a dialectic proposal, whereby the local (each ethnic nation) and the global (the whole of Europe/European Peoples as a whole) are taken into account, in a holistic and meaningful interaction and unity.
    The closer people get to and sense their true people/nation, the more conscious we all will become of what’s our place and what’s at stake. Only from rooted people to true nations we can sense the dangers Europe is facing. Sure that won’t happen out of the aforementioned nation-states, made up of different nations. And for the record, either by means of impoverishing and homogenizing proposals such as ‘Imperium Europa’ of a European ‘Super’ supra-state.
    Not being a UK citizen myself, I also feel that this election in Great Britain has been interesting for another very important reason: Cameron’s promise for a Referendum on the withdrawal of the EU. To my knowledge, there are two important details that are of paramount importance seeing the outcome of this May elections and the PM’s renewed promise to carry on with the Referendum: one, that this might mean that UKIP’s potential greatly challenges the Conservatives (some 4 million votes in this election is not a bad outcome at all). And second, to point out that if the majority of British vote to quite the EU , this could probably mean the beginning of the End of the EU as we know it today (as an imperialistic, genocidal and pro-immigration bureaucratic anti-democratic superstructure). That’s definitively no small peanuts. Needless to say, that this is very good news for those of us hoping for rational immigration policies and a brighter future for our Nations and all of Europe.
    Finally, yes, you are right in my modest opinion on the Socialist parties. Also in my country, Catalonia, the Socialist Party is getting more and more marginalized at every election. Still, the political Left is too well and alive to get any triumphant. I would say that at least in Catalonia, but also in France, England and Spain, we can see that multiculturalists are getting more and more vicious. We’ll see what the future brings.
    Thank you.

  3. @JosepTrinxeira
    (@Cheradenine: feel free to read this post thoroughly. This is not only meant for J)
    Hahaha! J? Was about to skype you to discuss a couple of ideas I had for our initiative but now that I came here and saw your comment with so many juicy points, I thought I’ll respond to it first.

    In fact, we ought to proclaim the many points you covered in the comment in the same succinct fashion when we release any official statements---verbal, video, blog, etc.---you name it. It will really add a lot of substance to our initiative and make our movement really stand out from the rest(which is what we shoot for, of course). In fact a 1 hr video devoted to this at some point would do us good. Speaking of which, did you have a chance to look into any good(non-generic) video making aids, btw?

    It’s true---many of our modern states like France, Germany, Italy, Spain, etc. are arbitrary entities for the most part. These states essentially forced a manufactured, perhaps even silly, sense of identity on the different ethnic groups within their borders, on peoples with over a millennium of deeply-rooted heritage, be they Provencals or Tuscans or Bavarians or what-have-you. Why do I say “forced”? Because the monarchs of the older kingdoms were primarily concerned about the tax money of their subjects. The French kings certainly did not go out of their way to eradicate the Occitan language for the most part.

    Now, after they had forgotten their complex, their elaborate ethnic identities, I believe Europeans were more open to make more drastic concessions as time went on(no need to elaborate on this since all of us know what those are) and we’re seeing the fruits to this day…. Yes, we do need some kind of inter-European unity but one that preserves the sanctity of each tribe, if you will. Perhaps the Austro-Hungarian state is a potential model.

    Regarding the political left you mention in your last paragraph---I’m noticing a disturbing trend. A fair amount of Venetians, Catalans, Scots and other people seeking recognition/independence are actually in favor of multiculturalism! This is so counterintuitive. I was talking to this Venetian guy on facebook recently and he was practically dreaming about creating this kind of “ multiculti paradise” in a newly formed Republic of Veneto. Naturally, I confronted him and asked what he thought about Venetian genes and cultural practices eroding over time. After all, there’s no real point to separate from Italy by purely economic reasons in our day considering the relatively uniform development. Is there, now?
    His response? He called me a racist and immediately blocked me!

    Scary stuff. If nutcase individuals like that guy gain traction and have their way in deciding the course these(much needed) movements take and simply create smaller sq-km zones of the same egalitarian delusion they’ve separated from, it’s all lost. In fact, it would be worse than the current situation. Yes, the creation of modern France, Italy, etc. erased people’s memories of their traditional identities. But if folks like him have their way, they won’t simply refresh people’s memories. They will alter that memory and distort it beyond repair.

    So, satire time! Enter the new Provencal! A Provencal of Maghrebi origins, a provencal of the famous Berber Beni Hassan tribe(yes, DNA tests confirm his genealogical record) who loves his Provence where he was born looks out of his window across the minaret-dotted skyline of Marselha, the capital of his emirate. “Long live the Emir, long live Provence, Allah is the Greatest”, he thinks to himself.

    This may be an extreme example, but our initiative and other similar to it have to make an effort to ensure that independence movements currently brewing in Europe, both noble and necessary in their essence, take the right direction.

    1. "This may be an extreme example, but our initiative and other similar to it have to make an effort to ensure that independence movements currently brewing in Europe, both noble and necessary in their essence, take the right direction. "

      We are working on that :-)
      Truth and nature always win. We have to move in the direction of free Peoples in a free Europe... despite the difficulties ahead.

    2. What is "our initiative"? You're part of some specific organisation or movement or you're speaking more generally?

    3. Indeed, both J and myself hold important leadership roles in a relatively new and visionary think tank and action fraternity.

      If you are interested in what our motivations and aims are, please send your inquiries to:
      Table of Dialogue Int.
      US office: Anaheim, Ca, USA
      Catalan office: Perpignan, LR, FR

      We will be more than happy to answer and discuss any and all of them thoroughly.

  4. Not only the immigrant-loving left is our enemies here, but also the libertarian right!

    The Conservative and all alike parties all over Europe are traitors to the native european peoples. They always will choose cheap foreign labour over their own countrymen and they dont care about the collapse of staterun healthcare and social security-programs due to mass immigration and immigrant fraud.

    In short they gladly betray their own peoples for the sake of corporate profit. Dont support them!