Monday, 25 May 2015

The YAB creature (Yasmin Alibhai Brown) has given us a perfect example of the anti-European hate narrative here. All the ills of the world are blamed on Europeans. Europeans just have to throw open the gates of their continent and let the brown people take over it because they are the ones who created the brown peoples' problems in the first place, not the brown people themselves. This is, of course racist in two senses: firstly against Europeans, in that it attributes almost every problem in the world to them; secondly, against brown people in that it deprives them of agency and reduces them to the mere passive victims of decisions made by "white people".

I'll reproduce a comment I posted underneath the article:

You have obviously constructed an anti-British, anti-European hate narrative in which all the ills of the world are blamed on Europeans. Objectively considered, European civilisation is, by far, the greatest the world has ever known. It has brought innumerable good things to humanity. Yet rather than than thank us for this, you and most other non-Europeans develop these rancour-filled fairy tales to explain why your own miserable cultures and civilisations failed to match up to ours.  

If you said similar things about Jews it would be called antisemitism and denounced; if you said similar things about brown people it would be called racism and denounced; if you said similar things about Muslims it would be called islamophobia and denounced; but since you say it about Europeans it is called virtue and admired.

Reading the rest of the comments, it's good to see that even the readers of the left-leaning Independent are sick of these anti-European hate diatribes now. Incidentally, I seem to recall Paul Weston of LibertyGB praising YAB and regretting that there weren't more people like her. 


  1. Well written, CZ. As for Paul Weston, he is part of the false 'counter-jihad.' I have developed a fool-proof test for detecting if a body, group, organisation is legitimate or simply a front for alien interersts: if said entity is supported by the false 'counter-jihad' it is a cuckoo in the nest and is only propped up to gain European peoples' support until such time as it is deemed (by its puppet masters) to no longer be effective and then ditched. This has several advantages for our enemies: they deflect our attention, time, efforts and funds with these spurious groups while they get on with their own agenda, they throw at these entities the usual epithets (islamophobia, homophobia, anti-semitism, nazism, nationalism, racism) to further inculcate self-censorship amongst the general populace, and when these entities "fail" (as they are meant to do), then the general populace is further frustrated and looks elsewhere yet again.

  2. He doesn't give me the impression of being insincere. I think it's just that we all internalise the false ethical standards that are imposed on Europeans. Even self-conscious dissidents do this. It's impossible to avoid being affected by the environments we grow up in. So when you depart from approved thinking in some way, stepping into the realms of heresy, you feel a kind of psychological pressure to prove that you have not abandoned the conventional standards of "decency" completely and look for some way to prove that. So you see the counterjihadists who till talk tough about Islam but then protest desperately that they are not racist or antisemitic. Looking for a brown person on whom to lavish praise is one way of caving into this pressure. The real solution, of course, is to realise that these fake ethical norms are simply guilt spells that have been cast upon Europeans to get us to consent to our own extinction.