Wednesday, 6 May 2015

In the view of the Central Council of Jews, Josef Schuster, Germany is "the last country that can allow itself to reject refugees and the persecuted". It has brought so much horror across the world and is deeply in debt to many countries, he said on Sunday at the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Dachau concentration camp on 29 April 1945. 
... "But when I see that in Dresden there are 10,000 people who come to cheer an Islam hater and right-wing populist like Geert Wilders, it makes me sick," said the Würzburg doctor. Increasing numbers of asylum seekers and Islamic terrorism were "no reason to proclaim a Judeo-Christian West without Muslims" or to threaten politicians with murder. 
Schuster said memories of Holocaust survivors were "today more precious than ever". The events were retreating ever further into the past; for many young people the Nazi terror and the Shoah "were only historical facts" without personal relevance: "The distance grows, and the empathy falls - but not when you set foot in this place." 
Therefore a visit to a concentration camp memorial should be obligatory for all secondary school pupils.
Source: Welt


  1. These 'visits' to concentration camp sites are actually mandated attendances by schools, political and government, and social institutions and, as in the case of the California government in the US, for example, millions in currencies are paid to Jewish organisations to arrange these attendances and they, of course, determine the agenda and content and presentation of these attendances. It is a hugely profitable concept and, given that there are laws in several European countries forbidding any research, discussion or debate on the supposed death totals or the actions or histories of those involved (on all sides), it would be more correct to call these attendances exercises in propaganda for the advancement of Jewish interests principally and then the interests of those determined on dispossession and enslavement of European peoples.

    1. An elderly American jewish lady said the holocaust is now a central part of the jewish religion - and religion cannot be taught in American schools let alone be made compulsory lol, for that matter religion is banned from.the school curriculum in many European countries as well!
      When theyre shoving the holocaust down your throat simply ask them'is the holocaust a central pillar of the jewidh faith?'. That will throw them on the back foot for at least 20 seconds - then ask them 'why did the jewish bolsheviks wage war against European - christian Russians?'- that isnt taught in any school any where ))

  2. Holocaust is easily debunked. Watch the documentaries here -

  3. So..basically what he is saying is white European Germany must be disappeared or if you prefer more direct language - destroyed. Demography determines outcomes, demography is reshaping the future, all of this designed in large part by jews. Jews have their own country now bit will not allow whites to have their own countries. Its a strange situation whites find themselves in now, its difficult to decide upon a correct ideological response - in many ways these malevolent jews are doing that job for us, it becomes easier and essier to see through their sick utterances, at the heart of which lies nothing but hatred for white Europeans - and themselves.

  4. They (jews) pump out the same tired rhetoric week in week out - all.of it designed to beat whites down and further consolidate their own groups power - all the while pretending they are inclusive. They would not dare advocate the same garbage policies in non-white countries- they are not that stupid. Pretty much everything jews like this guy say and do is designed to subvert white people with the ultimate goal of making whites minorities IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES