Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Britain’s newest Jewish MP has told of the emotional moment when she entered the House of Commons chamber for the first time after being elected. 
But Ruth Smeeth said her victory in Stoke-on-Trent North felt “bittersweet” after Labour lost the election. 
She won with 15,429 votes – a majority of 4,836 – five years after losing in the Burton-on-Trent constituency. 
... She has a long-track record of anti-fascism work and was a leading figure in the battle to combat the British National Party in Barking and Dagenham. Employed by the Community Security Trust, she was for a time seconded to the Board of Deputies where she co-ordinated anti-BNP efforts. Ms Smeeth was also a deputy director at the Hope Not Hate anti-racism group.

From March 2009
The Board of Deputies has launched a nationwide campaign to stop the British National Party from winning seats in June’s European elections. 
The growing threat posed by the far-right party was highlighted by the Board’s anti-racism co-ordinator Ruth Smeeth, who told a plenary meeting in Oxford on Sunday: “BNP leader Nick Griffin could be representing the Manchester Jewish community in Europe.”
The Board’s initiative received immediate support from the United Synagogue, whose president Simon Hochhauser, also a Jewish Leadership Council executive member, urged council representatives to get members of their local congregation to vote. 
Gerry Gable, founder and former editor of the anti-fascist magazine Searchlight, said: “This should be taken very seriously indeed. The BNP is still a relatively small organisation but it has been raising thousands of pounds since last year for this campaign. It is trying to make itself look like a genuine national organisation. 
“The answer is to mobilise a huge amount of voters to make it impossible for the party to cross that threshold.”

So here we see a representative Jewish organisation engaging in direct political activism against an anti-immigration party. Is there anyone left who still contends that Jews have had no special role in pushing the immigration agenda and stifling opposition to it?


  1. Gable, former editor and founder of Searchlight magazine, supported a pro-IRA campaign by Searchlight for many years including running advertisements to raise funds and volunteers for that terrorist group (which was NOT a religious group in any sense, entirely political, and kept Catholics as well as Protestants under its control via crime and terrorist tactics). EXPO, the Swedish organisation which consistently 'exposes' and attacks any patriotic and nationalist tendencies amongst the Swedes, lists Searchlight as its 'sister' organisation.