Tuesday, 19 May 2015

There are secret kabbalists at Buckingham Palace, according to the head of the Kabbalah Centre in London. 
Marcus Weston claimed that members of the royal family were among those who had taken up the ancient Jewish mystical tradition and signed agreements preventing them from talking about it. 
He told The Times: “There’s a host of people who sign confidentiality agreements, whether it is royal family members, some celebs, some business people. “We have taught in orphanages in Africa, in tsunami-hit areas in the Philippines, in South American favelas, in gangland Bronx, some of the biggest financial houses in the city, in Buckingham Palace, in government, in prisons. Literally top to bottom.” 
He declined to elaborate on who among the royals were Kabbalah devotees.



  1. The Telegraph reported at the time of Prince George's birth, that most British male royals for centuries had been circumcised and also many aristocratic families (probably due to intermarriage with rich Jewish men or women, to help maintain their properties and fortunes), adding that Prince Charles and his sons also were circumcised by a Jewish official (this is probably the real reason for British Royal "christenings" to be private affairs, rather than as all Christian sacraments are, or should be, public.) Circumcision was also foisted on the US population from the late 19th century onwards, due to a host of dubious 'medical', sexual and 'social' benefits it supposedly conferred, with circumcision being routinely carried out as a 'medical' practice. Circumcision is one of the acts specifically condemned in the early Christian Church (part of St Paul's first letter to the newly established Christian Church in Jerusalem) because it reasserts the covenant which Jews contend they hold alone with God and thus denies God's covenant with all humanity. Something of a three pronged attack (religiously, financially and abusively on the helpless infant and well-meaning parents). As for Kabbalah, it is not a 'cult', that word is used to deflect attention from its standing in judaism and its practices which would certainly appear superstitious and hostile if known to the wider world.

  2. Well, well, well the masonic-talmudic alliance once again! A no to our Lord Christ and a big fat yes to satanic judaism.

    Small wonder our elites act like the judeo-islamophile devil worshippers they are.