Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Maltese patrol boats have not been picking up migrants at sea because the migrants themselves refuse to be rescued by Maltese boats, the commander of the AFM’s maritime unit, Lt Col Andrew Mallia has been quoted as saying by the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.
He said that whenever Maltese patrol boats intercepted migrants’ boats the migrants invariably refused help.
He explained that the migrants did not want to come to Malta because that would make it difficult for them to proceed to Northern Europe.
Once the interceptions were made in international waters and as long as the migrants were safe, their boats had right of passage and could refuse assistance, Col Mallia said. Maltese boats often stand by and monitor the boats in case they faced an emergency.
The situation changed if the boats were found in Maltese waters, Col Mallia said.


  1. This is getting ridiculous! Why don't they send them back, what right of way do they have exactly? Is it because they're not bearing arms that they're not considered an invading force?

  2. @Anonymous
    You write “This is getting ridiculous? Why don’t they send them back?..etc.” Good question. We will understand the motives better, if we replace the word “refugees” or “asylum seekers” with “Mujahedeens” or “soldiers of Allah”. The so called “Poor people on the boats” are as a matter of fact invasion battalions on their way to invade Europe and wipe out it’s poppulation. You can see the endless armada’s of wrecked ships as a Muslim D-Day. They are about to reach the “Sword or Utah Beaches” in Italy. Malta is not the target. They do it in the Islamic way of Takiyya. This is why they are taking now also women and children on board of their ships …A decoy!!!. As a matter of fact, we have to handle them as alien enemy forces that have to be taken out. In military point of view every 500 or 1000 etc. who are drowning in the Mediterranean Sea are enemy Forces who are ruled out on their way to a mission.