Monday, 25 May 2015

The deputy leader of Jobbik, a Hungarian far-right party, "discovers" he is Jewish and become an anti-antisemitism activist.
For only three years earlier, Csanad Szegedi had no idea he was Jewish. In fact, he was the deputy leader of Hungary's far-right Jobbik Party and was known for his unapologetic position as an ultra-nationalist and staunch antisemite. 
In short, he loathed the Jews, his running incendiary narrative designed to provoke hatred. But in a fabled heartbeat, his life changed. 
Visiting his 92-year-old grandmother back in April 2012, the elderly lady made an extraordinary revelation, one which she had been concealing for more than 60 years. 
Clasping her grandson's arm, she disclosed that she was in fact Jewish - and because of Judaism's matrilineal line, her daughter, Szegedi's mother, was Jewish too. This also made Szegedi a Jew. "I'd gone to visit my grandmother one afternoon and she was gently reminiscing about the past. Then suddenly she made this astonishing confession. 
At first, I couldn't grasp it. Then I just broke down. I couldn't absorb what she was telling me. It didn't make sense. How could this be happening?"

My question is how can you discover that you believe in a religion you didn't know you believed in? Could you discover that, unbeknownst to yourself, you were a Buddhist? A secret Baptist? A Shinto worshipper? No, you couldn't. But, apparently, you can discover that you are a Jew.

This story makes it clear that Jews define themselves as a genetic group, not a faith group. And yet they continually present themselves as a "religion" to secure the special privileges that status entails. A religion that doesn't proselytise. A religion that is almost impossible to convert to even if you try.

Simultaneously, Jews denounce anyone who points out their ethnocentric activism as wicked. And if any European attempts to define their peoplehood as a matter of ancestry, just as the Jews define theirs, those same Jews will have rolled out a Hitler comparison before you can "Allahu Akbar".

Note that Jobbik didn't reject him when he told them the story. They were quite happy to accept a person on the basis of his political convictions rather than his ancestry. He rejected them. He was the "racist".


  1. More Zionist propaganda to deflect from their crimes against Europeans. Incited by years of German bashing and anti German propaganda from Jewish sources Americans, British and Soviets committed mass atrocities and war crimes against the Germans during and after World War 2 -

  2. Anonymous @18:26 According to KGB files released in the 1990s, 67% of the NKVD in the Soviet Union were Jews and were largely responsible for the Holodomor (enforced starvation of millions of Ukranians, mostly Christians of course) and for the persecution, torture, imprisonment and murder of millions of Russians throughout the Soviet period.