Sunday, 10 May 2015

The title may be somewhat tongue in cheek, but scanning the various nationalist and anti-Islam blogs in various languages around Europe, I keep seeing more and more of these hotel protest stories, in which asylum seekers invaders stage some protest about the quality of the hotel they are lodged in at taxpayer expense. Usually this is something absurdly trivial and almost invariably the story ends with the local authorities offering the invaders some other arrangement more to their liking. Although the phenomenon is not particularly important in itself, it's a good indication of the extraordinary sense of entitlement the invaders have, one that has been cultivated by the deranged compassionism of our ruling class.

Some Africans transferred from Sicily to Tuscany and headed for Livorno have got into a bother because they did not appreciate the Hotel Campiglia Marittima. 
The motives for the protest. There are many and rather fantastical. Notably the presence of married women in the hotel. 
On getting out of the bus, the imigrants - young men aged between 20 and 25 and coming from Gambia, Ghana, Zimbabwe and Kenya started to protest. Among their demands, one has an ethno-religious motivation: living in a building where married women are present, part of a group of illegal immigrants who arrived previously. Their religious does not allow this kind of proximity. 
But what also bothers the Africans is the logistical aggravation and their living space: "We don't have enough space to cook on our own." Something they were apparently used to having when they were in Sicily. 



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