Sunday, 17 May 2015

         Ethnic statistics in Rotterdam (in French)

This figure comes from a French television piece about the collection of ethnic statistics in Rotterdam, a debate sparked in France by one mayor's revelation that 64% of the schoolchildren in his town were Muslim. The video is in French but I took a screenshot of the part where they are talking to a local government official who says they have a detailed demographic breakdown of the population and this is necessary because "for example, we know the chance that Moroccans will commit violent crimes is much higher".

You can see in the screenshot that the indigenous (or autochtone) population is only about half of the total in the city of Rotterdam (shown on the left) and about two-thirds in the broader Rotterdam region. The black shade means "non-western allocthone [alien]"; the grey shade means "western allochthone". The definition of allochthone they are using means that at least one parent was an immigrant. So, conceivably, second or third-generation aliens are being counted as "indigenous" here. And I'm not clear what their definition of "western" is either. Are Turks, Albanians, for example, counted as "western"?


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