Sunday, 17 May 2015

At a political party campaign event in Dortmund, Germany, Turkey's foreign minister called on Turks in Germany to mobilise against the teaching of the Armenian Genocide. 
"No one can harass out children with lesson plans that insult our history. And when anyone attempts to do this, my brothers and sisters, it is your responsibility to prevent these lesson plans.” 
Davutoglu also announced a campaign: "We will send a Koran, a flag and a dictionary to anyone who wants one, Inshallah," he shouted to the crowd. "Inshallah" means "as God wills". 
German Turks should "certainly learn the German language" and participate in the "social and business life". "But you must retain your identity, your religion and language. We will implement integration, but will never allow assimilation," said Davutoglu. Before a sea of Turkish national flags and AKP party flags, he also cried: "Wherever this flag flies, for us is Turkey. For us Turkey is everywhere".

He also said his party intended to create new electoral districts outside of Turkey for Turks living abroad. His definition of Turkishness, like the Jewish definition of their peoplehood, is clearly based on ancestry, that is genetic descent, extending across the generations, even if they have been born and grown up in another country. Non-Europeans are allowed to cherish their ancestral peoplehood. It is only Europeans who are denied permission to do this and told they must instead allow their identity to be defined by their place of birth or government status. 


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