Friday, 29 May 2015

The director of the journal Marianne has filed a complaint against X after insults and "repeated death threats" on social networks linked to the publication, last week, of a special dossier entitled "The accomplices of Islamism", the weekly magazine indicated this week. 
...In the text of the complaint, the following tweet appears: "When is the Marianne editorial team getting machine-gunned?". "Four months after the attacks that inspired journalists to write this dossier, after the death of one of their own, the illustrator Tignous [killed in the attack against Charlie Hebdo at the beginning of January], these threats resonate painfully," Marianne writes in a statement. In addition to death threats, the weekly magazine says it has received "hundreds of insults of a racist and antisemitic character," added the text.

I don't normally read Marianne because it's a left-wing magazine, but I've downloaded a copy of this issue and will read through it to see if there's anything worth posting here. Maybe this is a good sign that anti-Islam sentiments are spreading into the left-wing.


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