Saturday, 30 May 2015

The French government has announced new measures to suppress free discussion on the internet.

We are going to set up a battalion of community manager to oppose the words of the jihadists," explained Valls at the university of Paris Dauphine.

Part of this ludicrous initiative involves setting up a Stop Jihadism website that will supposedly counter jihad propaganda and allow people to "shop a jihadi" to the authorities by calling a phone number.

Meanwhile, a conference was held at Google's French HQ to debate how to suppress dissident thought more effectively. 

Meeting in the Paris offices of Google, here associated with its partners Facebook and Twitter, NGOs, governmental actors and observers from the digital and radicalisation fields tried, on 27 May, to sketch out a way of stopping messages of hate. A "counter-discourse", to use the word from the official agenda.
...Most of the talk was about Mohammedans, but the representative from LICRA [League Against Racism and Antisemitism] wasn't happy about that.
Everything is concentrating on jihadism! I've been boiling up recently, what are we going to do about the fundamentalist Catholics, the far right?

The alien presence in our lands is leading to the continuous whittling away of our freedoms. Diversity and liberty are incompatible.


  1. The most efficient means of stopping Jihad is to get rid of those that subscribe to the ideology that permits that evil doctrine.
    Saying that which is simple, clear and OBSERVABLE is near verboten in the EUSSR
    back in the EUSSR

    Europe should have been reduced some more just to get rid of the generations of cowards that whites keep producing.

    It's a bit of a polar plank, whites of ancient Euro decent. On one hand dominant, the other, complete subservience.

    Enjoy, ESL folks.