Tuesday, 5 May 2015

If you can access the BBC iPlayer, you can watch a video of David Cameron attending a campaign event at a Hindu temple in Neasden here. He claims this temple one of Britain's great monumental constructions, to be compared with Stonehenge. Then he makes the following statement:

"If we want to make Britain better, we could do a lot worse than taking Hinduism as our inspiration"

Note that there is actually no such thing as Hinduism. It is a completely bogus construct that was invented by Europeans when they first came into contact with India. They studied the folk traditions and superstitions, the ritual practices and ceremonies they found there and lumped all these disparate things together into a concept called Hinduism, which really just means the religion of the Indians. It would be as if someone came to Britain, took note of various local superstitions and folk beliefs - say the legend of King Arthur, the Loch Ness monster, the stories of supernatural black dogs that are found in some parts of Britain, Morris dancing, Maypole dancing, Stonehenge - and woven them all together into some ridiculous construct called "The Britannic Religion". But after the concept of Hinduism had been invented by Europeans, some Indians began to take it seriously themselves, although, to their credit, in modern times Indian scholars have been involved in deconstructing it and demonstrating its inherent absurdity.

Still, I suppose Cameron was right. We could take Islam as our inspiration.


  1. At least Hinduism is of Aryan root and not imperialist/totalitarian, like Islam.