Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The Zionist Federation this week cancelled appearances at three Jewish schools by an outspoken Israeli academic following concerns about his links to an anti-Islamist activist banned from Britain.  
Dr Mordechai Kedar, an expert on Israeli Arabs who regularly appears to defend Israel on Arabic stations such as Al Jazeera, was due to begin a speaking tour on Wednesday night. 
But ZF chairman Paul Charney said that he had removed the schools from the tour after the intervention of the Board of Deputies. 
Dr Kedar, who lectures at Bar-Ilan University, has spoken at events organised by Stop the Islamisation of Nations, founded by the Jewish American Pamela Geller, who was banned from Britain last year in a move supported by the Board of Deputies. 
At a 2012 Sion conference, where speakers also included Tommy Robinson, then of the English Defence League, Dr Kedar urged Europeans to have more babies. 
Muslims, he declared, were "multiplying - somebody said [like] rats". The Board had said "their biggest concern would be about him visiting schools", Mr Charney explained. "To which I replied that I would pull him from the schools so as not to have an argument, to which they replied they were glad to reach accommodation on this." 
Mr Kedar is due to speak at a number of British synagogues over the next few days as well as the ZF's Israel advocacy conference. But appearances at two synagogues originally listed on his schedule will not take place. 
His talk at the Spanish and Portuguese Jews' Congregation in Maida Vale, west London, on Wednesday night was cancelled. Hampstead Garden Suburb Synagogue said that his booking had never been confirmed. Rabbi Dov Kaplan of HGS said: "We probably would have had him and let him explain his comments." 
One objector, academic Michael Pinto-Duschinsky, said that the visit would be "toxic for interfaith relations". 
But Mr Charney complained of attempts to smear Dr Kedar. "At the ZF, we are committed to bringing over expert speakers to educate and enthuse our audiences. We don't necessarily agree with all their views… But we do think they should all be heard," he said. He added: "What's worse than a call for a boycott of an Israeli academic? A call for a boycott of an Israeli academic from within our community." 
Dr Kedar, who has had pieces published in the JC, said that "media outlets from Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia find no problem to have me on air". He added: "Pamela Geller and her audience are not different from the audience of dozens of media outlets, in Arabic and English alike, which keep calling me to hear what an Israeli researcher has to say; they all deserve to hear the truth about the Middle East."


Didn't know the Board of Deputies was involved in getting Spencer and Geller banned. Of course, they wouldn't mention that themselves, would they? That would be against the rules.


  1. This may hint at why the Jewish Board of Deputies in Britain was nervous about Geller and Spencer coming to Britain: Geller was keen, through one of the Jewish members of the board of the English Defence League (which took its name from the Jewish Defence League) to bring on board a Jew who had been one of the leaders of the Jewish Defence League in America more than two decades ago and who had served a 10 year prison term for his part in bombings, terrorism, extortion, and other criminal activities in the US, principally against the then Soviet Union on US territory (including bombing Soviet cultural visits to the US). I was surprised when a few years ago, on visiting a 'counter-jihad' site for the first time, to discover that it was putting up videos from the Jewish Defence League ostensibly on 'self-defence' (in Hebrew, so managing to pass under the radar of non-Jewish visitors to the site). Probably, British Intelligence alerted the Government as to the EDL member's communications with Geller and the Government decided that Geller, and by extension Spencer, were persona non grata. And the Board of Deputies for their part would have been very loathe to have public attention drawn to whom this prominent Jewish 'counter-jihadist' was associating with: it might have opened up the whole history of Jewish political terrorism...

  2. The Zionist Terror Network - an in depth article on the JDL which shows how they have used physical assault, arson and even murder against their opponents.