Tuesday, 21 April 2015

...But there are more and more attacks on Christian graves or places of worship: almost two per day in 2014! The tendency is the same for all religions: attacks on places of worship and graves are regularly increasing, according to the Ministry of the Interior. "In 2014, we counted 807 attacks on places of worship including 673 on Christian sites," the ministry states. Of the 216 attacks on cemeteries, 206 related to Christian sites. Of the 591 attacks on places of worship, 467 related to Christian sites." Regarding Jewish sites, the ministry recorded attacks on 61 synagogues, a community centre, 6 cemeteries and 2 monuments to the dead in 2014 (against 26 incidents in 2013). For Muslim sites, it notes a slight reduction in desecrations in 2014: 60 mosques and prayer rooms, as well as 4 Muslim squares in a cemetery were affected (against 75 incidents in 2013).

But for many Christians, the desecrations of churches or cemeteries are often hidden, in any case quickly forgotten. 

Source: Le Figaro


  1. I'd like to see a debate happen between DMF and SK


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  2. He used to link to my other blog, Islam Versus Europe, every few days. Then when I published The Jew Thing he instantly stopped. It shows that for these people resisting Islam isn't the main issue. It's just a way of advancing the interests of their tribe. They show no more capacity for self-critique, for the acknowledgement of fault, than Muslims do.

  3. CZ: I would go further than you in my assessment of the false 'counter-jihad': they act as a forum in which people vent their frustrations, and donate their funds to the 'cause' without any real developments or substantive policies being pursued, or achieved, against the destruction of Western countries and our civilisation and values. The huge control which Jews exert in ownership and control of the media is deliberately avoided, as is the role and impact of the Jewish Lobby groups on the US Congress and British Parliament in pushing for yet more wars in the Middle East and Europe (Yugoslavia and now Ukraine) or what the end game of such policies is. The lie that 'jews are fleeing Europe' is repeated as a mantra when, in fact, their numbers are increasing in Europe and, worst of all, combined Jewish and Moslem activities are strangling what remains of free speech in Europe. Witness the total silence of the CounterJewhad Movement (CJM) over the paedophile charges re Lord Janner (these were actually compiled, with the help of the BNP decades ago): it should have been openly discussed as an example of how child sexual abuse is used to destroy Western societies but that would have meant the truth about the Talmud clearly condoning paedophilia would have come out and that might have led to discussions of Hollywood's role in trashing our societies (almost every Hollywood studio is Jewish owned). It's astonishing just how many similarities there are between Judaism and Islam, the latter obviously derived from the former, as the Hadiths and Sira prove. Also, Richard Coudenhove-Kallergi's concept, that Europeans as a Caucasian people would be eradicated and replaced by a mixture of Negroes and Asians as a new "Eurasian race" and would be led by a "Fuehrerrasse" (leader/master race) of Jews, and his position as the "father" or founder of the European Union concept is never alluded to (over at GoV they deny ever hearing of him!). "Anti-semitism" is a false construct, designed to silence and 'shame' Western peoples and the idea of it being innate and a sign of mental impairment in Western peoples (a favourite idea of the CJM Movement, especially at JW and GoV) is a sign of Judaism's attempt at misdirection because it is in the Judaic ideology that the non-Jew is regarded as less than a complete human and Judaic hostility to "the Other" is ingrained.