Sunday, 26 April 2015

I've noticed recently that Nigel Farage has been bandying about the term Judeo-Christian on the campaign trail. Geert Wilders also employs it regularly, and it's used often in the Counterjihad movement. But is there anything to it? Not really. It's a deceitful, propagandistic coinage that two different groups have found useful for their own purposes. On the one hand, Christians or those from some kind of Christian background who advocate some type of exclusionism or prejudice find it useful as a signal to Jews that they do not fall within the intended sweep of their scythe; on the other, Jews find it useful because it falsely implies that they are somehow a more intrinsic part of European civilisation than they really are. It is implied that Christianity was built upon Judaism, but that isn't really so. Judaism, as it exists today, is really Rabbinic Judaism which crystallised only in the centuries after Christ. Rabbinic Judaism emerges from the Pharisees whose quarrels with Jesus are recorded in the Bible.

The truth is that, far from being close to one another in spirit, Judaism and Christianity are almost opposites. Roping them together in the phrase Judeo-Christian is like implying that French revolutionaries and French monarchists had something in common by using the phrase monarcho-republican. An absurd contradiction in terms.

At the heart of Judaism lies the ethnocentric impulse. It is the glorification of a people's obsession with itself. In simple terms, it is racism dressed up as a religion. Christianity, on the other hand, embodies the rejection of the ethnocentric impulse and the embrace of universalism. The break between Christianity and Judaism came when St. Paul rejected the ethnic chauvinism of his fellow Jews and said the message was for the Gentiles too. Indeed, the modern multicultural nightmare we are now living through is really just the long-run consequence of that rejection of ethnocentrism implicit at the dawn of Christianity.

Christianity has come to define Europe, for good and ill, but I can't helping wondering if we would not have been better off had we stuck to the colourful, polytheistic, pagan pantheons like those of the Greeks, Romans, Druids or Nordics, rather than allowing our civilisation to be deformed by the importation of these desert-spawned Oriental cults.  

*For Jewish rejection of the concept, see here.

Let’s be clear: Far from “sharing” one tradition, Orthodox Jews are prohibited from marrying Christians, setting foot inside a Christian church—and we can’t even drink from an open bottle of kosher wine that has been used by a Christian. We reject the Christian idea of salvation, we abhor Christian divine teachings on every subject, and we are repulsed and outraged by incessant attempts by Christian missionaries to bring us into their fold.
...Incidentally, we have more in common with Muslims than we do with Christians; Jewish law permits Jews to enter a mosque… but not a church.


  1. You just have to look at what the Talmud says about Jesus Christ and Christians to find out that they are hated -

  2. Most Jews are actually secular or even atheist but the one thing that brings them all together is the holocaust. Unfortunately for them more and more people are questioning it -

  3. Im sorry but european paganism was crap! As all paganism is crap, islam and judaism included. The fatal utopian socio-political universalism of the modern West comes not from christianity at all, but from the anti-christian french and american revolutions. The current Western empire of human rights (US-EU) is an entirely post-christian thing. A sort of secular socio-political messianism for a fully post-christian civilization. In fact it as a new Rome or a new hellenistic empire, dreaming of creating a global melting pot. A new tower of Babel founded on the pride and hubris of enlightenment rationalist materialism. The jews are a bunch of sad losers and so are the muslims, their dreams of empire will only lead them to utter disaster. (And no roman catholicism is NOT christianity)

  4. Equality ideology is clearly a variant of Christianity, a secular variation that sheds some of the outward superstitions but retains the inner core, in particular the suicidal, self-abnegationist impulse that lies at the heart of the Christian faith. What Europeans are doing, in effect, is emulating Jesus: taking upon themselves all the ills (sins) of the world and allowing themselves to be killed in the hope that their death will somehow redeem humanity.

    1. No, this is anti-christian to the core. This is the old hopeless faith in man, not in our risen Lord Jesus Christ. The divine scapegoat and his all sufficient atonement has been put aside in order to push sinful european man to the altar of sacrifice in his stead. Yet, gaining nothing but death. Like the muslim "martyr" who kills and is killed for his god and becomes the intercessor for his family on the day of judgement. All out pagan humanism both, atonement, salvation and consumation by the blood and effort of sinful lost man! You call it a "variant of Christianity", because you dislike christianity altogether and happily blame it for the current insanity. I call it anti-christian demonism. Demonism from which only Christ can set us free!

    2. Calling me anti-christian is really no different from Jews calling me anti-semitic or Muslims calling me Islamophobic. It is the same unEuropean, Oriental style of discourse that involves attacking a person's motivation for saying something rather than addressing the intrinsic merits of what they actually say.

      i don't blame Christianity per se. In fact, I'm sure that it is the loss of faith in Christianity that is, to a large extent, to blame for our current predicament. The problem is that certain emotional drives shaped by Christianity over the centuries have now been cut loose from their institutional moorings within the Christian churches and are roaming chaotically around our civilisation, inflicting extraordinary harm.

    3. "Oriental style of dicourse" Oh, come on. We clearly are on the same team here. I called the Western cultural-societal ideology you describe anti-christian demonism. So, when I write "No, this is anti-christian to the core" Im not writing this to or about you, but about the very ideology-culture you describe. Then I write "because you dislike christainity" now this was to you! Because it seems to me that christianity just clearly is not your cup of tea, but to you a hostile and foreign eastern and non-european import. Now, foreign, eastern and non-european import surely is all true about christianity. And surely if one likes european paganism better, then hostile too. As a european christian Im all fine with christianity being that, because I think christianity is true and divine. That is to say Christ is who he said he was: God. Christians mostly preserved pagan artforms and cultural achievements after defeating it, so I dont behold any great loss. And christian european art is far better than pagan european art to my mind. Christianity in no way makes me want to give Europe away to africans, arabs, thai, turks, pakistanis or whatever, be they christians or muslims, etc. To me multiculturalism is a societal danger and race-mixing will make us europeans not only less white, but also less beautiful and less intelligent.

    4. "...and race-mixing will make us europeans not only less white, but also less beautiful and less intelligent."

      And (perhaps more importantly) just less us. That is to say a race-mixed Europe will not be able to identify very strongly with our ancestors (pagan or christian) because of lacking genetic continuity.

      And one Brazil is just more than enough.

    5. «What Europeans are doing, in effect, is emulating Jesus: taking upon themselves all the ills (sins) of the world and allowing themselves to be killed in the hope that their death will somehow redeem humanity.»

      Absolutely right, in what concerns the ruling elite that stand for immigration. No wonder the Churches (and not just the Catholic) are hell bent on promoting immigration.

      On the other hand, the militant contemporary anti-racist discourse is rooted in the Christian mindset: just like the Christians believe that «we (humanity) are all guilty and Christ suffered because of our sins», so do the anti-racists proclaim: «we (Europeans) are all guilty and the Sacred Foreigner suffered because of our sins». Just like the Christians believe that so much guilt can only be redeemed in Jesus C., so do the anti-racists believe that their collective European guilt can only be compensanted in the Sacred Foreigner, or non-white. That's the real reason why Obama was already loved by the culturally ruling elites of the West even before his first election.

    6. Oh sure. The left that has spent centuries fighting christianity tooth and claw is now all of the sudden "rooted in the christian mindset". What a sick joke.

      Multiculturalism has its true roots in pagan utopianism, in the enlightenment revival of the roman-hellenistic ideal of the empire of mankind. Of a universal imperial rule of law, making all men into citizens, and a global society based on money and polytheistic-relativist enforced "tolerance".

      The marxist left as well as the libertarian right share this world view. Only their politics on social-economics differ. Both see man as free of original sin and in no need of divine forgiveness.

      To say this is christian, is to say that God built the tower of Babel. When in fact He knocked it down!

      The idolworship of the "sacred foreigner" is but the worship of utopian universal man and his "divine" universal human rights. And this utopian globalism is nothing but the worship of power, the worship of money and the worship of fallen human reason.

      And that sir, is paganism!

    7. No, sir, it isn't the worship of «power» or «money», that's a complete non sequitur. That utopian globalism is clearly rooted in the Christian agenda against borders in the name of universalistic love, as a moral commandment.

      The left has spent centuries fighting Christianity tooth and claw... just like Christianity has spent centuries fighting Judaism tooth and claw. That does not mean that Christianity is not rooted in Judaism, just like it does not mean that Anti-racism is not rooted in Christianity. Meanwhile, Islam and Christianity have been fighting each other, tooth and claw, and both have the very same Abrahamic root. This thing is that totalitarianisms don't tolerate each other, no matter how similar they might be to each other.

      Also, it is important to keep in mind that the Left have never, ever, attacked the universalist message of the Church - quite the contrary. As a matter of fact, Church and Left are absolutely side by side standing for immigration since some decades ago. And far before the leftist anti-racist agenda was publicly declared, the Orthodox Church was already (1872) condemning «racism», in the name of Universalism and brotherhood of man.

      That is, therefore, the true root of Multiculturalism, not any Pagan utopianism. The Roman-Hellenistic conception of empire of mankind was purely a matter of recognition that every civilization had it's own reason and culture - but in it's right place, that is, in it's own location and culture. That's the Stoic ethics: a Chinese is equal to us as much as he is a human being with HIS own reason and HIS own fatherland. And so everybody have a place on Earth.

      The ancient European world had indeed a mindset of tolerance - it was Christianity that brought totalitarianism and hate against the differences in doctrine, just like the marxist left and radical left would do a lot later. And both Christianity and leftist anti-racism see man/whiteEurope as having an original sin and thus being in need for «forgiveness» *through submission to Jesus/Foreigner. The objects (elements) are different, but the mindset, the mental pattern of colective guilt and need to redemption, is nothing but the same.

      Meanwhile, it is crucial to remember that the God who destroyed the tower of Babel was the God of the Old Testament, that is, the Jewish, and thus, Nationalist part of the Bible, replaced, morally speaking, or, as Christians euphemistically say, «adapted», by the militant universalism of the New Testament, in which Jesus clearly declares that his intention is to bring war,

      but wich war, a war against the enemies of the Nation?,

      not at all, but the war of father against son, brother against brother, etc., so that in each house the family is divided against itself, all in the name of a message of borderless, even anti-border, universalist love. Just like the leftists, particularly the anti-racists, want to promote the war inside the white kin in the name of anti-racist love for all mankind.

      So, the worship of the sacred foreigner is nothing but a new version of the Christian universalism. Actually, Jesus C. himself did never say «worship me», all he actually said was that people should give the other cheek when splaped in the face by foreigners and that people should love without borders: «... for if you love only your neighbour/brothers, what reward is there for that?, » (Mathew 5).

      No wonder Justin said «we who hated and killed one another and would not share our hearth with those of another tribe because of their [different] customs, now, after the coming of Christ, live together with them, and pray for our enemies»...

      And that, sir, that is pure anti-racism and globalism and multiculturalism far before any «Left» was invented. That is, indeed, the core of the worst enemy of the West.

    8. You seem a bit confused to me. And you clearly just blindly hate christianity without proper knowledge of its contents. Well, you are not the first. And you surely are strikingly within the all dominant thoughtmode of the post-christian enlightenment/neo-pagan West.

      "in the name of anti-racist love for all mankind" The anti-racists dont love all mankind, in fact they hate all europeans. But God surely loves all mankind, because He created them. And in the name of Christ He grants them forgiveness of sins and eternal life if they will receive Him in faith.

      How does this truly universalist mission of love and forgiveness ever become a global human rights empire without borders?? When in the time of christian religious-cultural hegemony did massimmigration from Africa and the Middle East into Europe occur??

      Why was the concept of universal human rights first presented by the rabid anti-christian neo-pagans of the the french revolution?? Who all hated the christian middle ages and idolized the imperial roman-hellenistic past and made neo-classicism (which I find beautiful) their most fashionable artform.

      Why the alliance of neo-pagan masonic bureaucrats and plutocrats with Christ-hating talmudic jews??

      You yourself is all too clearly a child of this hopeless and Godless neo-pagan superficial modernity, where fallen mans passions and reason is the be-all and end-all of things.

      Now you dont want to get overrun by alien peoples who hate you for both religious and racial reasons. And that is a healthy emotion I share. I will just never accept christianity being blamed for the utopian failures of a lost Western neo-pagan culture and society.

    9. Actually it is you who are confused and that may be a result of your dogmatic pattern of thought (typically Christian indeed) unable to deal with different points of view. For instances, you keep talking about «neo-pagan masonic» assuming that Paganism=Masonry, which is a grotesque phallacy. Actually, it can even be argued that Masonry is Christian at hearth and essence...

      What you think about anti-racists true love or hate is beside the point. Yes, many of them really hate Europe, more than they love foreigners, but that's not the issue - the fact is that they invoke precisely the same universalist values of Christianity. As for hating one's own kin, well, your own words once again recall those of Jesus, who actually told his followers to

      hate one's own family.

      Hate one's own family. Lucas 14:26: «If anyone comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple.»
      This is absolutely the very essence of the anti-racist universalist militancy.

      How does this truly universalist mission of love and forgiveness ever become a global human rights empire without borders? Always. Since its very beginning. Far before the current anti-racist propaganda, the Church in the Americas was celebrating marriages between blacks and whites AGAINST the rule of the king of Portugal.
      When in the time of christian religious-cultural hegemony did mass immigration from Africa and the Middle East into Europe occur? How could that happen, when there was no immigrant populations wanting to come to Europe in the first place?... Quite an anachronic question, isn't it?...

      You yourself seem to have been enslaved since early childhood to the ranks of Christianity, a little like the children of submitted populations under the Ottoman rule were castrated and educated in Islam, turning themselves against their own kin. You may on the other hand be a honest and naif European patriot being spectacularly betrayed by History, thanks to the Christians' old trick of making people believe that Christianity is «the National» religion, and the religion of the family, when in fact it was always the complete opposite of that.

      Therefore, Anonymous, while you and others, Nick Griffins and alike, are standing for Europe at the border, your own priests, I mean, your own religion, is stabbing you in the back. You really can't claim to defend a European Europe when at the top of that European Europe you place a foreign, universalist and Semitic God. It is a deadly, and so obvious, contradiction.

    10. First is was the anti-christian left that was fundamentally christian in all its ways, now it is the capitalist-imperialist talmudic inspired neo-pagan masons. Sweet Lord Jesus! Whats next??

      According to your logic I might as well claim Nietzsche, Feuerbach and Richard Dawkins as great christian thinkers, and regroup them as church fathers!

      Im sorry, but it does not hold water. Neither does it work to point to mainstream churches as bastions of christianity. They were long ago subsumed into the human rights cult of the surrounding post-christian society, and today mostly work as institutions for this utopian enlightenment project.

    11. According to what logic may anyone claim Feuerbach or Dawkins as Christians?...

      Indeed, you are confused.

      As for that alleged argument that «the Churches today are corrupted!», that's what does by no means hold any sort of water. They certainly know more about Christianity and Christian doctrine than anybody else. And, as shown above, they are being nothing more than strictly coherent with the doctrine of their Semitic proclaimed saviour.

  5. To deal with the absurdity which lies behind the term "Judeo-Christian":

    The Jews rejected Christ and persecuted, and continue to do so in the modern world, Christians and to denigrate Christianity. A favourite line of Jews and their supporters is that Western Christian peoples are INHERENTLY "anti-semitic", that they are born with this, that it has always been there (thus denying the fact that the Jews sought to trap and then kill Jesus by getting the Roman authorities to pass judgement on him which their own Sanhedrin court could not risk doing). If we were to accept this premise, that both Jews regard Christians and their 'natural' enemies, and that Christians regard the Jews thusly, then why would either group choose to identify themselves with the other through ascribing our civilisation as a product of these mutually hostile groups?

    "Anti-semitism" came into use as a term after WWII and it is a great favourite with the false 'counterjihad' which is primarily a body of people who, in their leadership positions (not the well-meaning, concerned followers usually) are constituted mainly by Jews and whose interests are centred on what is good for the Jews. This term is well past its use by date and is speeding the dissemination of the truth through its illogicality.

  6. sorry for the typo: it should have read: "that both Jews regard Christians as their 'natural' enemies, ....

  7. «Indeed, the modern multicultural nightmare we are now living through is really just the long-run consequence of that rejection of ethnocentrism implicit at the dawn of Christianity.»

    That's why Christianity is the very root of European downfall and it's greatest enemy within, the spiritual fifh-column of Europe. Such poisonous subversion started when the altars of the European, Indigenous, National Gods were either destroyed or usurped by the worshippers of a foreign, Asian entity. And while those altars of the truly European Deities, the Pagan Gods, are not restored, Europe will not have it's total integrity.

  8. I have a gnawing suspicion that all this anti-Christianity and pro-paganism is yet another Jewish twist on the war against Western peoples and their beliefs and values. It reminds me of all that anti-European bile I used to read on those phony 'counter-jihad' sites.