Saturday, 11 April 2015

It was 8.50am when the three robbers arrived at the garden centre which was due to open at 9. They were going to break in via a side window. The manager of the business tells the story: "I got up at 4 am to make the journey from Saône-et-Loire. I was in the greenhouse to arrange the plants. First I head one shot then another and another. Now, I know the first bullet ricocheted on the double-glazing, the second cracked it, the third made it explode. I was arranging plants there and I was face to face with them. One pointed his weapon 50 cm from my stomach. They shouted "Allah Akbar, we're going to rob you, we want money for our Muslim brothers who have gone on jihad," they also spoke about Charlie. When they spoke about money and the cash box they wanted I said to myself, coarsely, that I was going to save my skin because I had thought about the events in January. I forced myself to stay calm and I got into a discussion with them. I took them at their word and I went to find the director of the shop, we went into the office where the safe is, another employee was there too. One got excited, the other pointed the gun, I asked the directory to open the safe."

They got away with 12,000 euros.


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