Thursday, 26 March 2015

I was watching the press conference held by the investigator looking into the plane crash in the Alps. He said it seemed to be a voluntary act on the part of the co-pilot as he refused to respond to the pilot who was locked outside the cabin trying to get in, yet the co-pilot's breathing appeared to be completely normal. Obviously the possibility of this being an Allahu Akbar special arises given that there have been similar incidents before. One journalist hinted at this possibility by asking about the nationality and ethnic origins of the pilots. The investigator replied that they were of German nationality and he didn't know their ethnic origins. Another journalist later asked, more pointedly: "It's politically incorrect, but could you tell us the religion of the co-pilot?" Immediately afterwards, France 24 broke off coverage of the press conference then resumed it about 10 seconds later once he had moved on to the next question. Astounding! Exactly the same thing happened at a later stage when he was spelling out the name of the co-pilot! Have the Muslims already taken over France! This is like the Soviet Union where there is someone with his finger on the button, cutting off coverage when it is unfavourable to the party line!

This is supposedly the co-pilot. Doesn't look obviously of non-European origin.

UPDATE: it seems his name was Andreas Lubitz. Sounds like a normal German name.


  1. You can say that this evil act by a madman was made possible by Muslims being allowed into our societies.

    The lock that prevented the Captain from getting into the cockpit in time was designed and implemented due to the acts of Muslims on 9/11 and their continued presence among us.


  3. Lubitz is a jew name 100% jew

  4. All the really freaky serial killers are jew, jews have a lot of mental.problems lol

  5. Lubitz Genealogy on the following site:

    Ashkenazi Jews, predominantly from Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Germany, Romania and Ukraine. (The co-pilot's family was listed in msm as Romanian ancestry.)