Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Manual Valls, the French Prime Minister, who is married to a Jewess, keeps intoning that France wouldn't be France without the Jews. This is in response to growing public discussion of whether the Jews should leave France to "return" to Israel, just as the Jews killed last week were today buried in Israel instead of France.

Valls' remark conjures up an impression of Jews having been a permanent and significant part of French national life. But that simply isn't true. Jews were expelled from France in the Middle Ages after complaints were made to the king about Jewish behaviour. He investigated them, found them to be justified and ordered the Jews to leave.

By the time of the French revolution, there were only about 40,000 Jews living in France, mostly in Alsace. It was only the catastrophic French revolution, which has destroyed European civilisation by making state-assigned citizenship the basis of our public identity rather than ancestral peoplehood, that emancipated the Jews and allowed them to colonise France in significant numbers.

Was France not France at the time of the French revolution? Of course it was. So Valls' claim is ridiculous and false.

All the essential elements of French identity were in place long before Jews began to parasitise the country in large numbers. Indeed, it has been argued that the reason Britain and France led the way in forging many of the concepts that still define the modern world was precisely because of the low number of Jews who live there. Jews tend to set off ethnic warfare wherever they settle, and this ethnic warfare obsesses people to the exclusion of almost all other considerations. It was precisely the absence of the tensions arising from ethnic competition in British and French life in the 18th century that created the thoughtspace that allowed the modern world to be born.

Socialism, Communism and multiculturalism have been just some of the weapons Jews have used to wage ethnic warfare against the French people since settling there. France would not have mourned the absence of those ideologies nor the people who wielded them.


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