Sunday, 11 January 2015

1) Charlie Hebdo didn't really support free speech. They were quite happy to have "racists" and "islamphobes" repressed by law. Ironically, this week they devoted their cover to mocking the French novelist Michel Houellebecq whose latest novel warns about the Islamisation of France. They dedicated more energy to attacking Marine Le Pen and the Front National than they did Muslim radicals. They were the classic embodiment of the foolish liberalism that holds jihadists and people who warn about the consequences of Muslim immigration to be morally equivalent. So, in a sense, they got what they deserved.

2) The people now boldly proclaiming the need for free speech in fact don't support free speech at all. They, too, are quite happy to criminalise the expression of opinions that they consider to be "racist", "antisemitic", "islamophobic", etc. We don't have free speech in France, in Britain, or in Europe, and we haven't had it for a long time. It is because people are unable to speak honestly about immigration and Islam that the problems associated with them continue to fester and grow. In a free speech environment, they would have been talked out and solved long ago.

3) The Jews have played a critical role in suppressing European free speech. Free speech died in France in the late 19th century following the Dreyfus affair when the Jewish lobby succeeded in putting in place repressive hate speech laws. They have since done the same almost everywhere else; only the USA has so far resisted them. Jews and Muslims, the two sets of Semitic separatists, are the most powerful anti-free speech forces in the world. Everywhere they go, they suppress other people's freedom: the Jews by conniving with those in power to enact repressive legislation, the Muslims through sheer terror and violence. It's worth noting that Charlie Hebdo was being subjected to various forms of legal action by Muslim associations using the laws that the Jews had lobbied for. If the Orientals don't get you one way, they get you the other.

Jews have been pushing multiculuralism and immigration on unwilling Europeans throughout recent history, stigmatising anyone who expressed doubts about it as the moral equivalent of Hitler. Now they are reaping the consequences of their own misjudgement. But there is small satisfaction for us in that. They will simply pack their bags and move on to their next hotel, continuing the pattern of peregrination they have maintained for thousands of years. We and our descendants will be left in the ruins of the countries they helped destroy.

4) A delegation of representatives of Jewish organisations met the French president Hollande today. They demanded even greater repression of "hate speech" on the internet. The Charlie Hebdo staff were martyred for free speech and now the Jews are using their deaths to demand its suppression. Disgraceful.

The delegation included members of CRIF and the Jewish Students of France associations. Both of these organisations have campaigned against the Front National, in other words the very party that might have prevented atrocities like this occurring by stopping the Muslim colonisation of the country. Jews continue to do their nefarious work of "opening the gates" for the Muslims even in the face of overwhelming evidence of the threat it presents to them and, more importantly, us.

I saw a rabbi being interviewed on France24 today. He was asked what kind of France he wanted to see emerge in the wake of these attacks. He said "une France ouverte", an open France.

5) I've mostly been watching France24's coverage of these events but occasionally switched to the BBC. The BBC's coverage has been an absolute disgrace. On the first day they followed the initial report of the incident with a 5-10 minute segment in which some Muslim cleric was allowed to explain how it had nothing to do with Islam, which was a religion of peace. But even this supposedly moderate Muslim revealed that he was actually an extremist. He expressed the view that perhaps the death penalty was an appropriate punishment for the Mohammed cartoons. His only objection was that the assassins had no authority to execute this judgement. It would have to be ordered by a properly constituted Islamic tribunal, he said. On another occasion, they had Tariq Ramadan on, someone who is on record as saying that women should be stoned to death for committing adultery. By any normal standard of morality, these people would be considered nutters. Yet the BBC allows them on to do their apologetics work, while anyone expressing the view that allowing non-Europeans to colonise Europe would cause bad things to happen would be considered beyond the pale of acceptability.

6) The fact that so many people can seriously proclaim that this has "nothing to do with Islam" testifies to a level of intellectual dishonesty that must rarely, if ever, have been seen before in the history of the world. An equivalent would be if Nazis had kidnapped some Jews and gassed them to death on video while singing the Horst Wiesel song, wearing Nazi uniforms, doing the Hitler salute, showing swastikas in the background and displaying the words of Mein Kampf on screen and then our entire ruling class said it "had nothing to do with Nazism".

Just incredible that the human mind is capable of such self-deception. You generally only see cognitive dissonance of that kind when religious ideas are being challenged. In this case the core dogma of the Religion of Equality - that "people are all the same" - is being challenged by Muslim behaviour. The Equality cultists cannot accept that their entire religion might be misguided any more than Muslims can; so, instead of processing the facts, they screen them out. In cleaving to their religious dogmas, they are willing to destroy their own countries just as Islam has destroyed the countries that have embraced it. There is no going back for them. There is no line that can be crossed after which reason and common sense will kick in. Their commitment to the doctrines of Equality has the irrational intensity of all religious commitments.

In truth, the Equality Cultists and the Muslims are much alike. They both believe that challenges to what they consider "sacred" should be repressed by violence, whether it be the ad hoc violence of jihadist assassins or the state-orchestrated violence of the police and courts system. The Muslims consider their bandit "prophet" to be sacred; the Equality Cultists consider the idea that all people are "the same" to be sacred. Anyone who challenges these ideas should be forcefully repressed; they both agree about that.

7) As for the "Je Suis Charlie" movement, it is grotesquely hypocritical. The real way to do the "I am Spartacus" thing for Charlie Hebdo would be to reprint the Mohammed cartoons that got the staff killed. But virtually no one has done that. To its credit, the Hamburger Morgenpost in Germany did do it, and got firebombed as a result, something that has been scarcely been mentioned by the establishment media though they are happy to devote lots of time to mythical Muslim "backlash" stories.


  1. I am so glad to see you back! I thought you were gone for good. Keep making the fine points and kudos to the blogosphere's most legit anti-Islamization blog.

  2. Glad you're back

  3. Hello CZ i have been heavily attacked on fake counter jihadistsites when i aske them simple questions1- why you never call out real eltist people who invited these peace loving folks?they will brush aside my argument by saying eltist(zionists)their puppet goverments are naive or useful idiots.Are they really naive?no eltists is not naive..It has been deliberate policy to weaken and replace homogenous society amd create new world order.these fake counter jihadists are more brain washed than a peace loving folks..when i ask them why people (u know who i'm talking about) promoting diversity don't demand sam diversity for Isreal and deport all immigrnts from Isreal,these fake counter jihadists will comea same old answer and say ppl like barbara n her group are naive blah blah..are these people really naive?if naive isrealshould be witnessing sam diversity.It is it a coincidence that their lobby attack true nationalist party?oh come on.