Sunday, 18 January 2015

Home Secretary Theresa May attended a service to commemorate the Jewish victims of the attacks in France last week. Note the Jewish victims only, not all the victims.
In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, French prime minister Manuel Valls, who said: 'If 100,000 Jews leave, France will no longer be French, the French Republic will be judged a failure.' 
Mrs May said the same sentiment was also true of the UK. 'Without its Jews, Britain would not be Britain, just as without its Muslims, Britain would not be Britain - without its Sikhs, Hindus, Christians and people of other faiths, Britain would not be Britain.' 
In solidarity with the French, Mrs May and other antendees of the event held up signs reading: 'Je suis juif' – 'I am Jewish.'
Source: Daily Mail

The Jews were expelled from England by Edward I in 1290. They then didn't return until the time of Cromwell in the 1660s or so. Even then, their numbers were not significant until the 19th century. So, according to Theresa May, England wasn't really England during the time of Shakespeare and Elizabeth, because there weren't any Jews there then. Absurd. And insulting. Britain was Britain before any Jews, Muslims, negroes, Hindus or Sikhs arrived in it. And it will still be Britain after they've gone.


  1. Jews were allowed back into England by Cromwell in gratitude (and possibly as a precondtion between him and the Jews) for the financial support they had rendered him during the English Civil War which resulted in the regicide of the ruling Monarch by the victors under Cromwell. They also received permission to set up the Bank of England and they were useful in forming spying networks against their previous host country of the Netherlands in the various wars between the Dutch and the English which followed. May, who I presume is Jewish (May is a Jewish name of Germanic origin; one of the 'counterjihad' bloggers, GoV, Gates of Vienna, has that surname), failed to mention in her address that, without the Jews, Britain might possibly also never have had the despicable 'hate speech' or 'hate crime' legislation which the British Board of Jewish Deputies help to formulate and which was presented to Parliament by various Jewish Home Secretaries in the course of many years which have seen the dimunition, corruption and almost destruction of the historical English concept of freedom of speech.

    1. I don't think either Theresa May or the GoV guy are Jewish. In fact, he sometimes has disputes with the Jewish faction of the Counterjihad (Pamela Geller et al.) when he doesn't follow the Jewish party line. I think they've got him under control, though. Vlad Tepes is one of his collaborators, either a Jew or a faithful Judenknecht. I think he also gets paid to write for Frontpagemag. One of their techniques for controlling potentially problematical goyim is simply to put them on the payroll, Receiving money from people has a way of subtly influencing the way you think about them without you even being aware of it. Fjordman, for example, receives cash from Daniel Pipes and that has undoubtedly affected his independence of mind. Maybe if they'd put me on the payroll, I'd even have subconsciously steered myself away from this dangerous knowledge. They may live to regret that omission.

  2. Hello Cz,nice to see you back.Don't take fake counter jihadists as allies,they will never call out the people who control European and Us government.They are only fighting symptoms not disease,nothing will change unless all major political parties are controlled by tribe.ethostate for their land but multicultarism for west?pamella geller,Robert spencer,Ali Sina are all in bed with zionists ,they will shun the debate or never mention why the followers of peace are in millions in western countries.There are laws against holocaust revisionism,why do you need to protect historical event with laws?why there is no open debate on official version of holocaust and world war2?where are mass graves or million tons of ashes ?n how did one body oven burn millions of bodies?where are gas chambers?where are orders from Hitler entailing extermination on mass scale?why no gas chamber is mentioned in designs of those labour camps?why autopsy done on those body reveal death due to typhus and starvation?where is autopsy report that attest death due to gassing?lie is coming out.people are waking up CZ.60millions of dead Russian souls are still awaiting's no secret who controlled and funded bolshevik Revolution in USSR.

  3. Mrs May said the same sentiment was also true of the UK. 'Without its Jews, Britain would not be Britain, just as without its Muslims, Britain would not be Britain - without its Sikhs, Hindus, Christians and people of other faiths, Britain would not be Britain.'

    I wonder what will happen, when the Government Lib/Lab/Con run out of Taxpayers to pay all the bribes, sorry benefits to the above, plus the Great British benefit takers. Then find to really manage the economy they have to start cutting back on this section of the community.
    In my own position, I pay taxes, but claim no government [tax-payer] hand-outs. So if taxes go up, I shall try to minimise tax paid and start to see what if anything can I claim for. If in receipt of government [tax-payer] hand-outs and these are reduced/frozen what are your options?

  4. The sikhs supplied 300,000 troops during the great wars, with over 80,000 casualties amongst them. Britain would be called North Western Germany without Sikhs.

  5. Further to Anonymous's comment at 22 Jan 22:29, the Indian Army which fought in WW!! as part of the British Empire was the largest volunteer force in world history. No one should in any way demean the courageous and loyal service of the Hindus or the Sikhs, or indeed even of the Moslem troops who fought in the Empire's forces. The great difference between these peoples and the Moslems in Europe today is that the former are not seeking to supplant the native Europeans nor assert their own religious and/or social values for the most part. Of course, there are those amongst them who, seeing the growing Moslem influence, will demand acceptance of their own values but the Jews historically have played a far more destabilising and disruptive role and, with the 'hate speech' and 'race relations' acts passed in Parliament through their influence as organisations and with the compliance of Jewish Home Secretaries, they have effectively replaced English Common Law with Talmudic precepts and bigotry against 'the other'/the goyim.

    The line that 'without Jews, {insert a country} would not be {the country again} is being parrotted by political leaders in many European countries, especially those who historically recognised the problems with overarching Jewish influence. One of these leaders in Austria, Kurz, has joined in this chorus after visiting B'nai Brith in the US, a Jewish organisation well-known for its support of unlimited 'immigration'. None of the responses to the latest Jihad attack includes closing the borders of European countries or opting out of the Schnegen agreement for open, limited movement through EU countries or to give back the right to bear arms to people; instead, the responses are all designed to strengthen the police state tactics within the EU. That 'attack' looks more and more a deliberate set-up to tighten the rulers' grip on European peoples.