Friday, 16 January 2015

The amount of attention given to the Jewish aspect of the Charlie Hebdo attacks has been a disgrace. It has almost eclipsed the discussion of the incident more generally.

But, as usual, the Jews have used to demand that goy free speech and anti-European Genocide political activity be suppressed be suppressed even more than it already has been.

A YouGov study published in Britain showed that a significant percentage of the British population is "antisemitic", which is defined apparently as agreeing with one of several stereotypical statements about Jews, including that "Jews have too much power in the media". There is, of course, no discussion of whether these statements might actually be true.

What initially sparked my insight about the essential similarity between Jews and Muslims was the style of argumentation that each employs. Notably missing from it is any concern with objective truth. Both Muslim and Jewish discourse focuses on evoking emotive symbols and attacking the quality of a person's motivation. Objective truth simply does not feature. But it is a concern with objective truth, a passion for acquiring knowledge, that has defined Europe through the ages, starting with the ancient Greeks who wrote books simply describing the objective facts of the world while all other peoples remained immersed in superstition and fantasies about invisible beings. It is their disregard for objective truth that marks out both Jews and Muslims as alien and unEuropean.

Nor is it just a mad fantasy that Jews are overrepresented in the media. You can actually look at the evidence; you can count the Jewish names on a roster of journalists or proprietors and compare it to the share of the Jewish population. And, if you do, you will see that it is vastly disproportionate. That is objectively true. But, according to the Jews, if you accurately perceive the facts of the world, you are antisemitic.

I find it bizarre that Emma Barnett should complain that Jews are perceived as disloyal to the countries they live in while openly admitting that many Jews are thinking about leaving Britain, France and Europe. Surely it is completely rational to question the loyalty and commitment of people who openly talk about leaving the country, including, as she notes, the BBC's Director of Television, Danny Cohen?

She complains that Jewish support for Israel leads some to perceive Jews as less loyal to Britain. Again, it is completely rational to question the loyalty of people who exhibit such passion for a foreign country. If Jews are British, that is if the dogma of citizenship which says that our identity is defined by government is accepted, why should Jews care any more about Israel than they do about Mozambique? There is no justification for it.

Europeans should not accept, and should never have accepted, that people of exogenous origin come to live in their countries and then exhibit strange passions for their countries of ancestral origin or other foreign groups. We have a right to expect and demand that immigrants and their descendants bind emotionally to our 'tribe' and no other. Once they give us indications that they haven't, it's time for them to leave. If a Probationary Citizenship Framework was in place, people of recent immigrant origin who behave in this way - whether Jews supporting Israel, or Muslims supporting 'Palestinians' - could be charged with Failure to Integrate and expelled from the country.
Let me note again the corrosive Jewish anti-free speech activism that is everywhere apparent and whose ultimate effects include the barbarities in Paris last week. Barnett's article and the risible Moshe Kantor's article here, are yet further pleas for free expression to be criminalised and for democracy to be suppressed or shut down. Even in the moderation of comments on Barnett's article, you could see the pernicious contempt for free expression that surrounds Jews like some sinister aura. Every comment that makes the slightest adverse remark, no matter how rational or moderately expressed, is purged. You get the impression of an army of Jewish keyboard warriors ruthlessly going over every comment made in an article about Jews and simply bombarding the moderators with complaints until the remark is deleted.

And these are the people that control the Counterjihad movement? These are the people who are going to stand for free speech against Muslim menace? These are the people who are going to defend us from Islam. That's a sick joke. And yet the entire European Counterjihad movement, except for one person, is under their thrall.


  1. The 'jews fleeing Europe' line has taken a U-turn: they're "fleeing" France in order to "refugee" to Britain (although, given Hollande's tax war on the French middle class, recently relegated to the evil 'rich' class, it sounds more like economic relocation, something millions of people have had to do in the past few decades thanks in no small part to myriad 'usual suspects' and their economic rapaciousness on native European peoples' countries).