Saturday, 17 January 2015

It's an astonishing scene, broadcast by iTéle, on 9 January, during the hostage-taking at the kosher supermarket at the Porte de Vincennes. Behind the special correspondent, young North Africans laugh, make the V for victory sign and, with big gestures, mimic firing a Kalashnikov in the direction of the camera! This was not an isolated gesture: BFM TV reporters were confronted with similar disturbing situations, too easily explained away as being the actions of featherbrained adolescents.

On Thursday night, pellets or paintballs targeted police helicopters on patrol in the north of Paris. In an estate in Grenoble, the death of the Charlie Hebdo artists was celebrated with fireworks. In Gironde, employees of the Brico Dépôt chain, in Artigues-près- Bordeauxwere banned from wearing "Je suis Charlie" badges for fear of offending "a certain type of customer". In Orléans, Saint-Nazaire or Strasbourg, incidents punctuated the demonstrations in memory of the victims.

Source: Valeurs Actuelles

This is from the print edition of the magazine. I can't find the article on their website.
There was also a #JeSuisKouachi twitter tag that attracted at least 37,000 followers.

Of course, all of this has been covered up by the establishment media who instead have offered stories about "good Muslims" denouncing the attacks.


  1. That is how the new generation of muslims have been doing all over Europe. Other crimes that has been done by muslims are just the same. They are celebrating the 9/11 in a lot of countries and when they are really young even in their schools. It´s disgusting and I do think that their parents is not forbidding them to do these kind of acts either. Maybe it´s the adults way to say what they wanted to say bur can´t because of that "they would stick out from their secret caves," too much. In Brittain a school teacher was kicked out from school because he said to the pupil that it was not a way to act when so many people had lost relatives in that horrible crime act. What is there to say when our gorenments are acting as if it is we who did that horrible act ???