Saturday, 4 October 2014

This is almost a parody of a Guardian article.
Don’t underestimate the role of the burqa ban in turning teenagers into would-be militants
See it here.

It's is a good illustration of one of the implicit dogmas that underlie the European Genocide: When brown people do bad things, Whitey is always to blame.

The Guardian still seems to be churning out the same old pro-Islam rubbish. It's notable, however, that the comments are much more resolutely hostile to Islam now than they were even only a few years ago. Most of them are now the kind of things that I, or any visitor to this blog, might say. I just created a new account there to post comments and expected it to be deleted (or placed on the watch status that requires all comments to be pre-approved before they appear) not much later, as most of my other accounts there have been in the past, but now my comments look much like any of the others there so maybe it will last longer.


  1. British counter-terrorism officers raid alleged unlicensed Islamic school with alleged links to banned groups.

    It seems that in liberal minded, tolerant smiley Britain Islamics are taking the piss out of the country that they have infested.

    The article I found can be read at

  2. A 'burka ban' in France causes teenagers to rush off to Syria to join something we are constantly told is 'un-islamic' or 'nothing to do with islam'. The Bullfly Effect.

  3. Full-Fledged Fiasco17 October 2014 at 00:18

    "It's is a good illustration of one of the implicit dogmas that underlie the European Genocide: When brown people do bad things, Whitey is always to blame."

    Or, in other words, Auster’s First Law of Majority/Minority Relations:

    "The more egregiously any non-Western or non-white group behaves, the more evil whites are made to appear for noticing and drawing rational conclusions about that group’s bad behavior."

  4. All of you who commented here are correct. In America where we are even more diverse than Europe we don't have this amount of uncontrolled immigration. This is largely due to Western culture and Europeans being guilty because they are white. This white guilt and an uncontrolled immigration system is the leading cause of people being let into the west regardless of whether they are criminals or not. This creates a highly segregated society where certain areas of towns become hotbeds of extremism. In immigrant dominated neighborhoods there are only a few menial jobs,thus most of the population is unemployed. In order to stop this problem the governments all over Western and Northern Europe need to step up and work alongside moderate and secular muslims to combat this problem before it becomes too hot too handle. The main problem boils down to the failure of the social democrats and their lack of effective immigration policies. And a lack of determined resistance from sympathetic parties on the right. I am liberal leaning American who sees this as a problem and I want fellow liberals to stop denying the problem and stand up to it. I'm also sick of everyone who claims saying that European multiculturalism has failed is a racist.