Thursday, 2 October 2014

According to RTBF, around 15 badges allowing baggage handlers access to the tarmac at the airport, and thus to the aircraft, have been cancelled. 
Several people employeed at Brussels airport, mainly baggage handlers, have left to fight in Syria and other are said to be thinking about going, it was revealed on Wednesday thanks to an investigation on the programme "Questions à la Une", an extract of which was shown on the daily news program on RTBF. 
According to RTBF, about fifteen badges that allow baggage handlers access to the tarmac and the airport, and thus to the planes, have been cancelled. The security services acted rapidly because these employees no longer met the security standards to be able to have them. 

There have been quite a few reports indicating that Muslims have achieved a quasi-monopoly status in staffing critical, safety-sensitive positions at some airports. This is clearly absurd. As I've said before, people of recent immigrant descent generally, and Muslims in particular, should be completely banned from certain jobs, including anything to do with aircraft or airports.


  1. I have always wondered if this was the reason behind the huge spike in airplane problems that was in the news for the past few months?