Tuesday, 9 September 2014

For the first time polls are showing that those favouring the independence of Scotland have taken the lead, albeit a very slight one and within the margin of error. I still don’t think it’s likely that the Yes side will actually prevail in this round of voting, although over the medium to long term I see independence as inevitable in both Scotland and Catalonia because the sense of a separate identity in each place is too strong to make the unions they are in sustainable over the long term. Nonetheless, it is at least possible that independence might happen this time round.

If you read the anguishing of some Unionists, they complain that no positive vision of Britishness has been held up to compete with the hopeful and inspirational vision of Scottishness that the nationalists uphold. The reason for this, of course, is that the ruling classes of Britain have been systematically denigrating their own people, culture, traditions and even civilisation for decades, the better to celebrate the “contributions” made by the brown-skinned African and Asian invaders. How then can they now turn around and present a positive vision of Britishness instead? 

And although the issue has scarcely been touched on in the official debates or in the campaigning, I can’t help wondering how much people have been influenced subconsciously by the fact that England is no longer really English. The England of today is the England of “Jihadi Johns” chopping people’s heads off; of Rochdale rape camps in which police, journalists, politicians and civil servants collude in the sexual enslavement of children; of ethnic riots in which negroes rampage and burn in indignation that one of their criminals has been killed in the course of committing his crimes.

Yes, there are deep-rooted connections - of history, culture, ancestry – between the Scots and English. But what connections are there with the “British” Mohammed Farah, a runner from a family of Somali asylum-seeker con artists who misrepresents Britain at various sporting events? What connection is there to the American negress Bonnie Greer whom I saw on Sunday morning television ridiculously using the word “we” when talking about the British people? If these aliens are British, then there is no such thing as British.  If this is all that Britishness is, then it is a thing of no value.

The genocidal vision of nationhood offered by Europe’s rulers, according to which it is a mere administrative status granted primarily on the basis of place of birth, is incapable of inspiring loyalty or deep-rooted affection. To the African and Asian hordes currently colonising Europe, “Britishness”, “Frenchness”, “Germanness” are mere flags of convenience that evoke no loyalty or passion. It is hardly, surprising, then if, in the end, these devalorised symbols fail to evoke any emotion in the real Europeans who once fought and died for them but have now been forced to suffer the invasion and occupation of their homelands without a battle having been fought; and a disruption to their way of life much worse than anything defeat in a conventional war against other Europeans could ever have brought about.


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  2. As a American with deep roots in all Great Britain and Ireland, I watch this upcoming vote. I hope the Scots stay, but I fear they may not. Unity is strength, and something very much needed these days. And yet - why stay? The elite of English society have sold out the very issue of being 'British' and indeed - even Western. And yet - Scotland will be weak, and under the influence of the EU that is hardly 'Western'. These distant cousin of Winston Churchill hopes for the best...

  3. I agree with CZ and anonymous above. Couldn't have said either better myself.