Monday, 15 September 2014

 On this video, you can hear Muslims laughing as a Swiss church burns.
Excellent. That shit church. Sons of whores.
These Muslims, as far as we know, are not the ones who burned the church. The police believe two young children are responsible. It has not been revealed whether the children are of alien extraction.
A major fire broke out in the Catholic church of Lignon this Saturday at 12h15. Witnesses saw a thick plume of black smoke escape from the reinforced concrete building which is only a stone's throw from the central commercial district. A few minutes later, the wooden nave burst into flames. ...The church has been completely burned out. ..."An important part of the cultural heritage of Lignon, dating from the 1960s, has just gone up in smoke, it is traumatic," regrets Yvan Rochat, le mayor of Vernier. We will do our best to heal the wounds.» Currently, and based on a statement from the cantonal police service, the inquiry carried out after the fire seems to implicate two young children. They have already been interviewed in the premises of the judicial police in the presence of their parents and have been able to return home. "It is appropriate to note that because of their young age, they are not criminally responsible," adds the statement.


  1. Sorry for this off topic post.
    According to the 2011 census, there would be only 1.8 million Muslims across England and Wales.
    Is this a joke ?

  2. I think it said 2.9 million. That's almost double the number from the previous census ten years before: 1.5 million.

    1. "Of the 45.5 million participants, 27.9 million subscribed to Christianity, compared with 1.8 million Muslims, the second largest grouping."

      But even 2.9 million... it'd be something like half of the Muslim population in France.

    2. The article isn't clear. It doesn't specify what these participants are participating in. It can't be the census alone because the UK population is much bigger than that: 64 million, not 45.

    3. Ever since the UK Labour Government allowed an EDITED version of the votors lists to be the only information made public, it allows Muslims to hide behind a cloak of anonimity from the general public. Another reason to hang Tony Blair for treason.
      Someone needs to obtain and and publish the real figures.

    4. That was the sense of my question : are the British official figures reliable ? In France, the Muslim population is estimated at 5 millon… Unchanged for twenty years !

      Sometimes, the propaganda even pretends that they are 2 ou 3 million (an estimation of the regular practitioners, in fact).

      In my opinion, they’re probably between 7 and 8. And this is a misleading estimation.
      They’re uncommon over the age of 65. But (all) the non-Europeans represent from a quarter to a third of the births.
      (Cf. the statistics relative to the screening tests of the sickle cell disease.)

      Here too, the demographists have ceased to do an exhaustive and instantaneous census. It's now a kind of big poll. Cheaper and easier to falsify.

  3. It disappeared for some reason. I put it back.


    Trois Droits qui, à mon avis, devrait être préservés:
    1 - Le droit à la monoparentalité dans les sociétés traditionnellement monogames: voir blog "The Origin Of Sex-Taboo". [en anglais]
    2 - Le droit au veto de qui paie (le contribuable) - Démocratie Semi-Directe: voir blog "Fim-da-Cidadania-Infantil". [en portugais]
    3 - Le droit à la survie des identités autochtones: voir blog "SEPARATISM-50-50". [en français]
    Les séparatistes-50-50 ne cherchait pas des prétextes pour refuser le droit à la survie des autres ... les séparatistes-50-50 revendiquent seulement le droit à la survie des Identités Autochtones (lire: les 'globalization-lovers' doit respecter les droits des autres ... et vice versa!)

  5. New jihadist group established in Denmark

    Millatu Ibrahim, which is reported to have "strong connections" with the Islamic State, is now active in Denmark and has released its first video aimed at recruiting other Danish Muslims to its cause.

    Denmark, cost of non-Western immigration on the rise

    We need to admit that there are too many immigrants in the unemployment statistics and outside of the job market. There are too few in education and too many in the crime statistics