Monday, 8 September 2014

As immigrants throughout Europe fear the prospect of knee-jerk reactions to horrors playing out in the Middle East, a council in Portugal is taking part in a pioneering project that aims to nip prejudice in the bud.

“Don’t feed the rumour” is an EC-backed initiative due to be taken on by a number of European towns later this month.

It involves the creation of “anti-rumour brigades” designed to disseminate positive information about immigrants and de-mystify popular misconceptions.

Typical rumours without foundation include affirmations that “immigrants don’t want or like to work”; that “immigrants steal Portuguese jobs”; that “immigrants live on State handouts” and “are always connected to the criminal underworld”, or that their children “cause trouble at schools”, writes Público.

Thus Amadora council - home to 41 nationalities which represent a total of 10% of the council's 175,000 inhabitants - is embracing 'Don’t feed the Rumour' and mobilising “anti-rumour agents”, to start working on the ground from September 10.

Explaining the council’s motivation, mayoress Carla Tavares said that she hoped the project would also serve to soothe fears over behaviour that is often simply a matter of culture. For instance: “Talking very loudly when socialising is a characteristic of the Cape Verdian community. It is a cultural issue,” she told Público. “But it can worry others.”

The anti-rumour agents will be dispatched to schools and community associations, in a bid to explain the behavioural tendencies and habits of different cultures, so that locals can feel less bewildered, she said.

I wrote about this bizarre and sinister initiative before. It started off in Spain and, under EU auspices, is now spreading to other countries. It is like something out of East Germany. Not mentioned in the article, but discussed elsewhere is the fact that much of the propaganda here is covert. The "anti-rumour" agents do not identify themselves as government operatives. Their mission is to go around and interact with other people, correcting "rumours" that they hear being expressed. But these rumours don't involve tabloid gossip about celebrities or sports. No. For some reason they only relate to immigration. So you might be having a conversation with your friends in the pub. The topic turns to immigration. You express your views candidly and along comes an "anti-rumour" agent pretending to be an ordinary person to challenge you and correct your "misinformation".


  1. Fact: 5 out of 7 Muslims in Europe are on ste benefits, irrespective of whether they wish to work or not.
    Islam is spreading like a cancer and should be treated accordingly by our EU governments.
    The sooner the Front National come to power in France, the better.

  2. These anti-rumor agents are old news. Here in the state of NC, there are these Moral Monday protests. Every Monday, these leftist come out in numbers to protest .... some subject which eludes me right now. A conservative website went through the arrest records of this spontaneous protest and discovered that three quarters were paid leftists in the sense that they worked for leftist organizations, worked for the state, or worked for a university. The common thread is money directly from the government or the leftist organizations have some legal status that an organization can give them money as a tax write off. This is also funding from the government. So, you see the US government paying for the leftist demonstrations. Furthermore, it occurred to me later on that these same people must be cruising popular websites, during work, like youtube, etc. and vociferously pushing the leftist positions. Gay marriage videos are notorious for this. Plus,I noticed that leftist are especially out in force in the comment sections for viral youtube video's. But, say, a similar video which is not popular have -- I did mean to say NOT tend to have -- rather do have a more conservative voice, except for animal cruelty videos. What I mean a conservative voice on a animal cruelty video is, say, you state that this guy must not be killed for such a cruel acts against a kitten, for example, or humans are more important than any animal then the weirdo's come out in force against such statement. Only Hitler could fully appreciate those comments. At any rate, this has been in affect in online media for a long, long time.