Thursday, 4 September 2014


  1. The EU and the Council of Europe made these invaders undeportable.
    Some are non identifiable, or come from "dangerous" countries.
    Some applied for asylum. (Procedure that lasts months.)
    Because of European directives, the cops have lost the right to arrest undocumented people (they have to be suspected of another offence).
    And when a “mesure d'éloignement“ is pronounced, illegals are first invited to leave the country by their own will and way.
    What a joke.

    With all these stupid laws, the minimal hygiene would consist to prevent them to set foot on the European soil. But rather than defending its coasts, the Italian Navy rescues them in high seas.

    They’re approximately 2.000 in Calais, but 100.000 have entered by Italy since the beginning of the year. Their main destinations ? Germany, France and Sweden.

    1. Well, as you say the EU is the prime mover of third world immigration into european nations. So they are not really "invading", they are in fact invited. This of course is done to destroy the historic nations and the historic peoples of Europe. And to create a deracinated mass that can be ruled by the eurocrat powerelites top down, without democracy.