Thursday, 4 September 2014

The German MP Martin Patzelt has called on Germans to welcome asylum seekers into their own homes. He is a member of the CDU, the nominally conservative party in Germany. At first, I thought he might have been saying this sarcastically, as a way to mock the exaggerated do-gooderism of the left and force them to come to terms with its financial consequences. But no. He really is serious.
In view of the acceptance of asylum seekers from the current, distressing civil wars, which is supported by a majority of the German parliament and hopefully also the majority of our people, I would like to propose a paradigm change in the accommodation of such refugees in our country. 
The daily growing number of those seeking protection and help in German poses increasing financial and logistic challenges to us. 
...For that reason I call upon the people in our country to consider receiving refugees, especially mothers with small children, in their own homes in the near future. In my experience, both the living space (there are often guest rooms available) and the material conditions are present (provision of accommodation costs) are such that the receipt of guests would not present significant burdens either financially or organisationally. Psychologically it would perhaps be a challenge (but also an opportunity) for new experiences.
Source Via: Unzensuriert


  1. I think this is actually a good thing, liberals or just people in general must be forced to face the costs of liberalism. Accepting refugees into your home is a significant commitment compared to re-tweeting, liking, or supporting gay marriage (a position that imposes no sacrifice on the part of the supporter).

  2. Hello Anonymous4 September 2014 18:01, do you really think that the leftwing will be the ones taking in asylum seekers?

    Forget it. The first ones will be the evil racists, because according to one german politician the People are racist because they do not know foreigners. (Do not ask me about the Name of this politician. I think it was a female of the Greens - aka Gruene a leftwing Party in Germany.)

    After them the ordinary People will be forced to accept asylum seekers into their homes.

    But not one leftwing Person will have to take one in.

  3. No I realize this, the wealthy left wing folk will find a way to get out of any obligation. But there are lots of people who support multiculturalism and settling asylum seekers because it makes them feel good or because their neighbors will say "ooh look at how tolerant he is". When there is a real cost incurred by being liberal then I hope that most people would reconsider the ideology. If this person has to house some asylum seekers their views will change very quickly. Then they will give far right or extreme viewpoints a serious look, and break their apathy.

    I guess i am trying to say that the hard supporters of multiculturalism are a very small minority. They stay in power because the lives of most people are tolerable, so they keep voting for the same parties even though the parties betray them any chance that they get. They need to be shocked out their habits.

  4. And how long before will it take before your "guests"take over your house and push YOU out?

  5. You are already being pushed out by these "guests".