Saturday, 13 September 2014

Today, while attending, as part of their duties as elected officials, the "fêtes de quartiers" [district festivities] organised by the City Council in every district of Nîmes without exception, Yoann Gillet, Henriette Doyen and Bernard Monréal, elected officials representing the Front National in Nîmes, were attacked in the ZUP [Priority Urban Development Zone] of Valdegour, where a few weeks ago the FN group denounced numerous subsidies offered by the UMP [tn: mainstream conservative party] intended to purchase social peace. 
Alerted by deputies of the FN, deputies of the UMP present on the scene (Richard Tibérino and Laurent Burgoa in particular) and association members asked the FN deputies, who were physically threatened and refused to leave the scene of the "fête de quartier", to leave immediately because they could not guarantee their safety. Thanks to mobile phones, numerous "jeunes" from the district were starting to gather to make them leave, according to them. 
Front National Nîmes notes once again that everything it denounces is a reality. Not only does the municipal majority purchase social peace through subsidies and indirect aid to religions in these districts but organised gangs make the law there all the same, to the complete silence of the majority deputies who let gangs physically threaten elected officials with impunity, including one female official who was 70 years old. 
This "fête de quartier" of Valdegour is the celebration by the UMP of the zones of non-law which it is encouraging and allowing to proliferate.


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