Sunday, 28 September 2014

Just three years after France’s upper house Senate made history with its first ever swing to the left, the right clawed back a majority Sunday in a new setback for Socialist President Francois Hollande. 
The conservative UMP party of Hollande’s predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy and its allies from the centrist UDI have a majority of between 10 and 20 seats, according to partial results. 
The far-right National Front (FN), meanwhile, set a record by winning two seats in the house for the first time in what its leader Marine Le Pen described as a “historic victory”. 
“It’s the first time that we are entering the Senate and in a nice way, with two senators,” she said. 
Stephane Ravier, one of the two successful FN candidates, reflected the party’s upbeat mood, saying: “Now there is only one more door to push open, that of the Elysee (presidential palace).” 
The fortunes of the FN have been on the ascendent this year with the anti-immigration eurosceptic party gaining electoral ground in municipal elections and topping the European Parliament vote in May. 
An opinion poll this month showed that FN leader Le Pen would beat Hollande in presidential elections in 2017 in the event of a second round run-off between them.


More encouraging signs that the "far right" is mainstreaming across Europe as the European peoples increasingly notice the jaws of doom yawning to receive them. No doubt the European Jewish Congress will issue a denunciation of this latest democratic affront soon. How dare those dumb pleb Europeans try to save themselves?