Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The second factor in the radicalization of Muslim youth is the increase of discriminatory policies vis-à-vis Islamic practices in Europe, including the use of the hijab and regulation of mosque minarets, circumcision and halal food. All contribute to a growing sense among Muslims that they are not accepted as full members of European society. Today, anti-Islamic discourse, not simply xenophobic sentiment, translates into discriminatory practices in employment, housing and political activities. It can be a factor in strengthening a defensive identification within Islam and therefore gives more leverage to any ideology that pits the West against Muslims.

So it's evil Europeans, with their burka and minaret bans, that shamefully induce Muslims to want to chop people's heads off. This article was actually called "Europe needs to embrace Islam" but it looks like they changed the headline after publishing it. You can still see the original in the URL.


  1. Florida, USA - Do you think our ancestors would have put up with this nonsense? A hundred years ago western civilization was on the threshold of creating a near utopia with breakthroughs in science, medicine, aviation, automobiles, architecture, and engineering. All this with a people confident in who they were and what they were. A white population living in Christendom. Minority populations were just that ....minorities. Then WW1 happened, and an entire generation of young men decimated. Then the Spanish flu epidemic. Then WW2, and another generation decimated. Then the pill and abortion reducing the birth rate to below replacement levels. Now the silent invasion of the inbred molech worshiping morons of mohamed . One hundred years of hammer blows to the white race and culture. Europe and western culture could survive the Black Death and the Hundred Years War. But it will not survive being out numbered and out bred.

  2. Re Spanish Flu. Infectious diseases are Mother Nature's will. They remove the inferior and weak from the world. This has been going on since the dawn of time. It is a good thing, not a bad one. But mankind with its supposedly superior brain has been saving all & sundry with strong medicine and techniques for decades now - and look around you. If standard issue, natural medicine - that our ancestors employed for ages - can't keep you alive, you should not be reproducing your weakened self. Nature knows this; how long will it take everyone else to figure it out.

  3. Remove the inferior and the weak may sound good until it is your mother or child that needs the life saving medicine. However, I think "nature" will deal the winning hand in the end.

  4. It needs to be said, and understood, in all this talk of gloom and fatalism, that numbers alone do not determine the outcome of a battle; in fact, history proves time and again that courage, strategy, will and loyalty more times than not will win out against superior numbers. This is why it is essential to speak out, to learn the facts and pass them on, expose the propaganda --- which presently and deliberately undermines and denies our superior abilities to overcome external, and internal, threats to our own and our civilisation's existence. Western politicians are presently raising the spectre of September 11, 2001. We need to remember and learn from that earlier September 11, 1683 when a massively outnumbered citizenry of Vienna, besieged for months and at the point of starvation, conquest and death, were relieved by a combined force of united Christians who beat back the far larger Moslem forces of the Ottomans, and saved Vienna and the West. A great deal of the fighting now is on the information/propaganda side and that will help to turn the tide in our favour.

  5. If one could design a typical dialogue with an apologist for islam it would look like this :
    - European Muslims are joining ISIS by the thousands to commit jihad in Iraq.
    - Islamophobia in Europe makes them do it.
    - But ISIS is appealing to Muslims in Muslim lands as well.
    - Then it's because of poverty.
    - Even in rich Muslim lands they do it, see Saudi Arabia
    - Well, that's because of lack of democracy, and western support for tyrants.
    - There is neither tyranny, nor poverty, nor islamophobia in Turkey and they also support jihad there.
    - Yeah I know, but they're enraged by Israel's policies at the Palestinians
    - But before Israel jihad already existed.
    - Sure, but at the time it was because of European colonization.
    - It existed before that, think of Vienna being besieged by the Turks.
    - It's the Crusades' fault. Without it, islam would have been peaceful.
    - Jihad existed before the Crusades. It's in the Koran. And in the hadiths.
    - ... ... ... Racist !