Saturday, 6 September 2014

"We hereby notify you that your rental contract cannot be extended as of 30/4/2015 as this flat is urgently needed to provide accommodation for asylum seekers. Salzburg Social Work is responsible for further assignment.
The 72-year-old (female) pensioner Waltraud Z. found her eyes literally falling out of her head when she came across this letter from Austria Homes (incidentally its shareholders are Caritas, Raika and the bishophric of St. Pölten) in her postbox on 11 August.
Source: Kybeline

It says elsewhere that the woman receives the minimum pension and that the housing is subsidised by the government.


  1. Florida, USA - Soon we will all be getting a letter in the mail.

    "We hereby notify you that your country, home and money has been expropriated because it is needed to provide accommodation to an endless mob of asylum seekers who will never assimilate. "

    1. The same had recently happened in the Netherlands. On 20th May 2014 had journalist Joost Niemoller written an article on the subject: "Eindhoven throws elderly out retirement home
      Making place for asylum seekers" See:

      This and other bizar outlandish attitudes toward indigenous Europeans can be expected when the country is ruled by political-correct multiculturalist psychopates.