Monday, 18 August 2014

The French UMP (mainstream right) MP Nadine Morano posted this photo montage on her web page and described the scene she recently witnessed where the photo on the right was taken.
Under a warm sun, on a beach in France, overflowing with holiday-makers, a couple arrived. A man dressed in shorts and a short-sleeved jersey accompanied by a woman dressed in a long-sleeved tunic, trousers and a veil. Within a few minutes, the man puts on his bathing costume displaying a well-built body, while the woman was sitting fully dressed, very quietly on the sand. 
He went to the sea alone. Happy to take advantage of a nice bathe, he made hand signs to his sweetie who seemed submissive, alone, surrounded by bodies in bathing costumes. 
So he has the right to undresss, she doesn't!


  1. Florida, USA - I hope someone thought to collect some DNA material from Brigitte Bardot so that she can be cloned in large numbers in the future. After the war to send the molech worshiping monkey men back to the sandy shit-hole countries they came from, there will be a need to re-populate Europe with white people.

    "Mein Fuehrer, I can walk !"