Tuesday, 19 August 2014

For asylum seekers who are members of religious or sexual minorities, the situation in Swiss accommodation centres is said to have deteriorated in the course of the last few months, reports the website of the German daily "20 Minutes". An Iranian refugee placed in the Jaun hostel, in the Bern highlands, described having been insulted after the residents noticed that he was wearing a chain with a cross. This was followed by beer bottles being thrown at him. In Zurich, a Tunisian who had converted to Christianity was beaten up and sent to intensive care. A homosexual Cameroonian was also subjected to threats and harassment. 
These incidents are said not to be rare, but they are rarely reported to the police or officials in the asylum centres. Until recently, the clashes were marked above all by political confrontations or ethnic rivalry. Denise Graf of Amnesty International notes that the "pressure on Christians, atheists and homosexuals in the asylum-seeker centres has intensified - mainly because of the arrival of supporters of radical Islam from Syria." 
"The worst situation is that of Christian converts, who are considered heretics by their radical Muslim compatriots. If they do not renounce their conversion within 48 hours, they are considered prey to be hunted," declares a representative of ASEBA, an evangelical association which has supported several Christian asylum seekers who were in difficulties.
Source: 360.ch

In German asylum centres, Christians who fled to the West from Islamist terror militias in Syria and Iraq are often mobbed and beaten up by asylum-seeking Islamists, reports Die Zeit. "We came to Germany so we would no longer have to see such people. Now we're living with them," a Christian Kurd said about radical Islamists. 
But not only Christians come under fire in Swiss asylum hostels. Denise Graf from Amnesty International accompanied an Egyptian atheist who lived in the Vallorbe VD reception centre. When Arab Muslims saw that he did not pray, they insulted him as an unbeliever and provoked him.
Source: 20min.ch


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