Tuesday, 12 August 2014

A clip that is spreading on the net shows how a Muslim man living in Sweden calls into the Arabic television channel Al-Hayat. He explains, among other things, that all non-Muslims should be killed. 
The man, who introduces himself as Sheikh Ahmed, begins by saying what he thinks should be done with non-Muslims in Europe who refuse to convert to Islam. 
"Till our last day in life we will war against Sweden and all of Europe," he says. "Yes, we should kill them. We're not shy about that." 
The host then points out that Ahmed himself has chosen to live among the "infidels" in Sweden and live on their social security benefits. "No, it's not their money. It only comes from Allah," said Ahmed in thanks to the Swedish taxpayers. 
He also paid tribute to the terrorist organisation Isis and their ongoing ethnic cleansing of Christians in Iraq. "The intention of Isis is to eradicate them," said Ahmed.
Source: Friatider


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