Sunday, 17 August 2014

Helena Maleno, Spanish human rights activist

Around midnight next to the mosque in the Boukhalef district, in Tangier. About 50 armed Moroccans surrounded the Spanish activist Helena Maleno. They pushed her, uncovered her breasts, struck her. The Moroccan police allowed the attack to occur. "The captain was laughing while they were attacking me." 
She believes that the attack, which initially appeared to be directed against a group of sub-Saharans who live in the district of Boukhalef, could have been organised as a reprisal against her because of the statements she made a few days ago, in which she confirmed that, for 48 hours, the Moroccan police didn't do anything to prevent more than 1000 immigrants leaving for the straits of Gibraltar. 
"My attackers were in cahoots with the police. Everything happened in front of the police, they refused to intervene. They just looked on," she emphasises. Not only did the security forces of the neighbouring country do nothing, but the person who was in charge of the deployment, the captain, laughed at her and told her she was "being provocative". 
"They refused to arrest my attackers, whom I identified," she said on Twitter... 
The individuals were throwing stones and brandishing machetes. Maleno says that one of the police recognised her and said to one of the attackers: "It's the Spanish woman, it's the Spanish woman, she's the one who called". And then the group's aggression turned against her. 
The 50 men surrounded her. "They said to me: 'Spanish whore, shit Christian, go to Tinduf, Moroccan Sahara". 
They started to push her and uncovered her breasts, touching them while insulting her. "There were two other women with me, they introduced their fingers into their vaginas saying they had money there." 
Maleno asked for help from the captain, but he laughed at her. One of the police pushed her towards a man who was ready to stab her with a machete.
Source: El Mundo


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