Sunday, 17 August 2014

Gangs of armed and organised Moroccans have returned tonight to attack the sub-Saharans in the street and enter the houses they live in, in the district of Boukhalef, in Tangiers. 
This is what the Spanish activist Helena Maleno told El Mundo. In the early hours of Friday, she was attacked, harassed and insulted by these groups while Moroccan security forces did nothing. [See here]
The member of the association Caminando Fronteras [Crossing Frontiers] has explained that, tonight, various Moroccans armed with machetes and stones "are entering the building and trying to break the locks of the homes with the machetes". They have also tried to set fire to them. 
"They are the same organisers whom we asked the police to arrest last night," added Helena Maleno. 
One of the sub-Saharans who formed a human shield to prevent the Spanish woman being stabbed the previous night had to lock himself inside one of these houses. "I am barricaded inside the house, the stairs are full of people with machetes," he said to Maleno. 
"They want us to throw ourselves in the water like crazy people, that's what they want; either that or live under constant attack," another of the sub-Saharans said, according to the statements the activist has collected on Twitter, which claim that the attackers, in connivance with the Moroccan police, want to force the immigrants to flee towards Spain in boats. 
"They are throwing stones at us again. The police are letting them do it. They want something to happen," denounced another of the immigrants yesterday.

Source: El Mundo


  1. Turkey is a Muslim state which is most certainly encouraging immigration into Europe.