Friday, 15 August 2014

Today, the most popular boys' and girls' names given to babies in England and Wales in 2013 were announced. The Mohammed factor is being systematically covered up by the media. According to the official list, Oliver is the most popular boy's name with a count of 6,949. Muhammad is way down the list in place 15 with a count of 3,499. In place 23, however, we see the alternately spelled Mohammed with 2,887. Then, in place 57, we have Mohammad with 1,059. Add the three variant spellings of Mohammed together and you get a total of 7,445, higher than the top-rated Oliver! See the full list of names here.


  1. Florida, USA - So sad. Remember when Vera Lynn sang "There'll Always Be An England".
    Never (Englishman) forget what blind hate stole from thee. Wait for the hour that avenges the bleeding frontier crime.