Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Today and last night I posted some comments on the Telegraph site pointing out that Jews had been prominent advocates of the diversity and multiculturalism that is now manifesting itself in the form of antisemitic actions by Muslims in Europe. Now I find that I have been blocked from posting any more comments on the Telegraph site. Note that I have been posting sometimes fairly severe anti-Muslim comments there for years without ever having been blocked. Within just a couple of days of posting extremely mild criticism of Jews, however, I have been blocked completely. What does that tell you?


  1. It does not tell me anything I did not know beforehand, because the "Telegraph" began life as a Jewish-owned, managed and staffed newspaper. Whilst comments about Islam are not often subjected, at least nowadays, to removal, the DT has never permitted any substantial, factual, documented critique or discussion about Judaism as an ideology; the only times it permits comments in that respect is to engage in the trap you just experienced: your comments are allowed up for a short while, then they are taken down whilst those comments replying to you (and engaging in ad hominem slurs) are permitted to stand (along with reference to your on-line name, so that other readers will know, and recognise for future reference, who the 'deviant' poster is). It is a none too subtle way of enforcing self-censorship amongst its readers.

  2. Why is it OK to make the observation that Jews win more Nobel prizes in science per capita then any other nation but not criticize them when one observes a similar disproportionality when their contributions are negative? Any group of people with with an average IQ of around 115 means they would have smarter "good guys" but also smarter "bad guys" like George Soros .

  3. I've posted dozens of comments on the same issue these last weeks. ALL have been censored, excepted this one (probably a mistake of the "moderation") :

    Je voudrais que les "petits juifs" m'expliquent comment ils peuvent tolérer la migromanie de leurs élites dites "représentatives".
    Comment pouvez-vous entendre les BHL, LICRA, CRIF, SOS, UEJF (liste évidemment non exhaustive) nous vanter les bienfaits de l'immigration ? (Et saisissons l'occasion de rendre hommage à feu Bernard Stasi –l’homme des "chances pour la France".)
    Il est évident que vos propres élites contribuent à pourrir vos vies. Et d'où je suis, je ne vous entends pas protester.

  4. Migromanie ... another of those great French words like "liberticide" that we don't have an equivalent of in English. I read something interesting yesterday about how ordinary Jews, as opposed to their elite intellectuals, feel about immigration. I'll probably post about it later.

  5. I was blocked also, but not just blocked, all of my comments going back 9 months were completely removed from the site.

    1. I think that's what must have happened to me too.